The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 253

Sylvia looked at Forrest as she said, “What did you get up to again? Didn’t I tell you to behave

yourself and stop causing trouble for Owen? He’s got his hands full with his position in the Arnold
family too.” She did not actually blame him.

Forrest understandingly nodded, “I know. You should go to bed.”

After Sylvia left, Forrest kneeled down in front of the study.

It was already eleven-thirty at night, but Ethan still had not stepped out of the study room.

Suddenly, Forrest’s phone rang. He reached into his pocket and after seeing who it was, he rejected
the call.

Madelyn was coming out of the bathroom just then, drying her hair with a towel. She thought, ‘ Forrest
usually starts fooling around at this hour. I’ll check on him and see what he’s up to.”

However, the call was disconnected as soon as she called him.

Madelyn frowned, ‘Why’d he hang up so quickly? Was he feeling guilty or is he in the middle of

She tried again, but Forrest still did not answer, so she kept trying. On the fourth attempt, after it rang
for a long time, Forrest finally answered.

With a Madelyn, “Why’d you take so long to answer my calls? Forrest, what are you doing?”

Forrest was amused as he said, “Why do you sound like a girlfriend checking on her boyfriend?

Are you afraid that I’m cheating on you?”

Madelyn, “Are you fooling around again? I knew it. You’re not even serious about studying. Have

you done the test paper that I gave you as homework? If you keep acting like this, I won’t be able

to help you even if I dedicate all my time to you.”

Forrest, “You’re so fierce. Who’d dare to marry you? We’ll talk later. I’m hanging up!”

Madelyn was annoyed after the call ended, but after she calmed down, she realized there had been

no noise from Forrest’s end.

She guessed, ‘He was probably caught by surprise and realized I wanted to check on him, so that’s
why he only answered my phone call only after so many attempts. He probably went to a quiet

Incensed, Madelyn threw her phone onto the bed and lamented, ‘Just when his grades are beginning to
improve, he’s starting to neglect his studies again. He’s hopeless.’

But soon, her phone vibrated with a message from Forrest.

Forrest: [I’ve finished the paper. The last math question is quite similar to a question from last year’s
university entrance exam. I’ve come up with two different solutions. Can I snap a photo of it and show
you after I finish showering?]

Madelyn looked at the message as she shook her head. The text did not sway her, and she ignored the
last part of his message She replied [Every night before you sleep, remember to memorize five Etlinish
words. We’ll have a quiz tomorrow.]

Forrest faintly smiled at his phone: [Okay]

After a while, Ethan walked out of the study.

Ethan looked at Forrest coldly and said, “If you and your mother want to stay in the Arnold family, stay
away from Madelyn.”

“Well, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. She’s acting so clingy and attached to me, I can’t shake her off.”

Ethan stood in front of Forrest and looked down at him. He scoffed, “What else can you do besides
resorting to dirty tricks? Just like your nasty mother.”

Forrest lifted his head and stared defiantly right at Ethan. He mocked, “At least I got what I wanted. But
in your case…It seems like she doesn’t even want to go anywhere near you.”

Ethan suddenly raised his leg and stepped on Forrest’s shoulder. He leaned towards Forrest

menacingly and said, “Do you really think you can compete with me? Loser!”

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