The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 252

Having learned from the previous lesson, Madelyn returned home before eight at night. Before

that, she also went to the hospital to get her stitches removed. Her wound was healing and had
scabbed over. It was prominent but thankfully it did not reopen just from minor pressure or


The atmosphere in the study of the Arnold residence was tense. Ethan was sitting at the desk. After the
video conferencing ended, he lifted his eyes to look at the person standing in front of him, who was
dressed in an untidy school uniform. Ethan asked, “You haven’t been home these days. What’ve you
been doing out there?”

“What else could I be doing? Don’t you already know?” Forrest tilted his head as he replied, reaching
into his pocket and fidgeting with the lighter inside.

Ethan lazily leaned back. He responded, “You’re right. Indeed, I do know everything that you do. I have
people watching you, but not because you’re a threat to me. It’s just to keep you from causing me
trouble out there. Do you really think you can do anything you want just because you’re from the Arnold

Ethan added, “When I was in the company today, I received a lawsuit from the legal department saying
you were involved in bullying and fighting in the school…”

He then grabbed the document from the table and threw it directly in front of Forrest.

He continued, “I’ve been busy with work lately and haven’t been keeping an eye on you. I thought you’d
behave well, but you gave me such a big surprise, huh?”

Forrest smiled as he picked up the document from the floor. He responded, “It was just a joke between
schoolmates. Brother, don’t listen to their one-sided story.”

He said the word “brother” very smoothly.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the study door. A beautiful woman in her thirties walked in,

carrying two glasses of milk and some pastries. “I noticed you’re still busy working, so I made you
some pastries. I’m not sure if they’re to your taste.”

Sylvia was a middle-aged woman, but she had taken excellent care of her skin, so she looked to be

in her early thirties at most. She had a gentle expression and the unique charm of a woman from
Jadence. She had seductive, foxy eyes which Forrest had inherited.

The arrival of Sylvia made the unsettling atmosphere even more tense Ethan never hid his hatred
toward her.

“Who let you in? Get out!”

Sylvia did not lash back at Ethan Instead, she tenderly said, “Did Forrest do something wrong again?
Forrest, kneel down and apologize to your brother, quick”

Forrest furrowed his brow and lowered his gaze before quietly looking at Sylvia, noticing there was a
hint of pleading in his mother’s eyes.

Forrest licked his lips and gave a sarcastic laugh before kneeling down in front of Ethan

Sylvia turned around and said, “Ethan, Forrest has kneeled down. He knows he’s in the wrong He’s still
young and immature. Please forgive him this time

Ethan scoffed, “You two are indeed mother and son, both so used to kneeling down Looking at Forrest,
he continued, “Since you like kneeling so much, get lost and kneel down outside You’re only allowed to
get up once this matter is resolved”

Sylvia walked forward to support Forrest, “Forry, listen to your brother”

Forrest had not spoken a single word since Sylvia came in He stood up and immediately left the room
as Sylvia followed behind him.

After the study door was closed, Sylvia looked at Forrest with pity “Sorry I’m so useless and made you
feel like you were in the wrong.”

Forrest finally spoke, “It’s okay, just go back to your room. I’ll find a way to deal with this”

Sylvia assured him, “Don’t worry, Owen isn’t home today, so I’ll accompany you ”

“What can you do by staying here?”

Sylvia tried to respond, but instead had to cover her nose and mouth as she turned her head to the
side and started coughing

“Have you taken your medicine?” Forrest asked, concerned.

Sylvia had suffered from asthma ever since the incident back then, but as long as she was careful,

it rarely flared back up.

“Don’t worry, I’ve taken it.”

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