The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 249

As Forrest poured oil into the frying pan, his hand trembled at Zach’s words.

In an unexpected moment, Madelyn’s finger got nicked by a shard of glass, and a trickle of blood.
started flowing She calmly wiped it away with a tissue, showing no signs of discomfort, and spoke with
composure, “But hasn’t he already paid a price? Compared to your actions, Forrest’s deeds were just
minor clashes among classmates.

Madelyn thought, Forrest had been hurt, stuck in a hospital bed for months. Yet, Zach, who did wrong,
faced no consequences”

Preferring not to dwell on the matter, Madelyn managed a faint smile at Zach, “Would you stay for
dinner, Brother? Forrest’s cooking is delicious.”

Zach met her gaze, glimpsing a hint of distance.

Beyond her composed exterior, Zach yearned for Madelyn to unleash her anger openly, to let her
emotions free instead of wearing a facade.

“However, we might not have extra plates at home, Brother. Forrest bought his own plate.”

Zach stood, fastening his black suit jacket, exuding an imposing presence, “You’ve got three days

to pack. I’ll come get you ”

Madelyn’s immediate response was resolute, “I won’t go back!”

“It’s not your choice. Father isn’t as lenient as I am.” With those words, Zach departed.

Forrest turned, catching sight of Madelyn, “Why stand there? Come lend a hand.”

He was washing tomatoes, preparing a meal.

Shaking off her thoughts, Madelyn joined him in the kitchen.

Madelyn mused to herself, “Zach’s right. I can’t hide from home forever. Sooner or later, I’ll have to

return. And once I’m back, every move will be scrutinized.’ She knew what lay ahead, the

challenges she would face.

Once the meal was ready, they sat at the quiet dining table.

Madelyn savored a mouthful of food, then began, “Tomorrow…”


“Planning tomorrow’s meal already, even before finishing today’s? You really are ahead of the game!”
Forrest playfully redirected the conversation, fully aware of her intentions.

“Forrest, I will definitely help you get into Ventropolis University.”

“What about you?”

“Me too.”

“Remember, when aiming for a goal, the path isn’t always smooth as you expect. Don’t be

disheartened by the challenges along the way. Focus on reaching the goal, no matter how tough the
journey. Madelyn, trust me, things will improve.”

Madelyn met his gaze, his expression unusually solemn. It was a side of Forrest she hadn’t glimpsed

She responded with a smile and a nod, “Alright.”

His words held exceptional weight, impacting her profoundly.

Madelyn had pondered over what she would do if she were to lose this goal. After everything that

had unfolded, a sense of confusion lingered. She contemplated, ‘If my tireless efforts fail to

reshape my future, what’s the point of all I’ve done so far?’

She held onto the hope that Forrest wouldn’t share her fate. ‘He still has a shot at his own life. His

existence within the Arnold family likely isn’t a walk in the park either!”

In various respects, Madelyn and Forrest were kindred spirits. Both overlooked, dismissed by

those around them. Both labeled as “unworthy” through others’ eyes.

While trapped in this mire, they both believed there must be an escape route, a path to liberation.

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