The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 248

“I don’t need to go back. I’m fine here by myself,” said Madelyn confidently.

In her painting, Madelyn depicted a field of sunflowers under a bright blue sky. The sunflowers reached
toward the sun, full of hope and light..

People’s feelings often showed in their art. When someone was sad, their paintings might show a
cloudy sky and a stormy night. And Madelyn’s painting was full of the brightness she felt inside.

Her painting was really good. With this talent, she could easily get into the art school she wanted.

Hayson had told her not to paint, and Zach knew that too. He wondered how she could make such-
great art. Then he remembered that Madelyn never followed rules.

Zach sat down on the couch and looked at the paper on the table. It was for a parent-teacher meeting
notice and a camp application form. Madelyn had filled out everything, but she needed a

parent to sign.

Zach’s eyes glinted when he saw this.

Madelyn looked at her painting, feeling like something was missing. She studied it closely.

“Are you coming back with me, or should someone come get you?” asked Zach.

“If I go back, aren’t you afraid I’ll bully Jadie?” said Madelyn while her gaze remained on the


Zach didn’t answer. Madelyn knew what he was thinking without looking at his face.

“My life is better without you,” she said honestly.

Madelyn didn’t understand Zach. He acted like he didn’t like her, maybe even wanted her demise.

But he kept showing up when she least expected it.

She knew that Zach was behind what happened at school and that photo.

Now, in the eyes of all her teachers and classmates, she had become a target of embarrassment.

She got suspended from school and was taken off the Math Olympiad team.

She even thought that if she hadn’t taken those steps in the first place, like joining that Class One,

maybe none of this mess would have happened. After returning from school, she felt really lost.

She didn’t know what to do next. She asked herself, ‘Should I just keep ignoring my studies?

him get into Ventropolis University.

Suddenly, the lock on the door outside turned, and the door swung open.

Forrest walked in with two big bags, not paying attention to Zach on the couch like he didn’t see him.
He put the groceries he’d bought into the fridge, a cucumber hanging from his mouth.

Zach’s expression darkened “Being better means fooling around with him?”

“Oh, come on, Brother. I didn’t expect you to think of me like that. Well, I guess it’s not surprising, you
always find fault with everything I do… You’ve got it wrong, really. I’m just returning a favor. He saved
my life, and I’m helping him study so he can get into Ventropolis University.”

Finally, the painting was finished She’d stayed up all night for it. It was her very first finished artwork.
Carefully, she took off the tape and put the painting in a frame.

Forrest had an apron on and was about to cook. He opened the fridge and saw a plate of leftover
grilled chicken from last night. “Hey, Madelyn, do you want to eat the leftover chicken from yesterday?
If not, I’ll throw it out.”

Madelyn replied, “Warm it up later. It’s still good.”

Forrest nodded.

‘Leftover chicken?’ Zach thought.

Madelyn used to live a fancy life, there was never leftover food on her table. The Madelyn he knew

was picky about what she ate. She wanted fish without bones and her vegetables to have just the

right amount of oil. She had so many dietary rules.

Madelyn’s changes surprised Zach. He thought her act would break someday, that she couldn’t

keep it up forever.

But that day never arrived. Instead, she had fully embraced a simpler life, without luxury, without

someone to wait on her hand and foot.

“Just because of him saving your life, you forgot who ended up in the hospital with a choked

neck?” Zach spoke plainly, his voice a bit cold. 2

Back then, Madelyn was fighting for Jadie’s sake.

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