The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 246

It was raining in the photo, and Madelyn was surrounded by four or five men. Her clothes had been torn
to shreds, revealing large patches of skin.

The face in the photo was recognizable as hers. She couldn’t deny it, the person in the picture was her
But she had no idea where this photo had come from

The situation escalated rapidly. The entire school now seemed to know about it. Everyone believed that
she had been sexually assaulted by a group of men.

On her way to the restroom, she noticed that people were keeping their distance from her, as though
she carried a contagious illness

“No wonder she was absent for three months look at her, she’s so filthy!”

Despite these stories, Madelyn kept her composure and headed back to the classroom. She had

just settled into her seat when Hailey asked her to go to the office.

Entering the office, even the teachers regarded her with curious expressions.

In a separate room, Hailey got right to the point. “You’ve heard the gossip going around school,

haven’t you? Do you have an explanation?”

Madelyn remained quiet.

Hailey persisted, “So, is any of it true?”

Madelyn replied, “Even if I explained now and said it wasn’t true, would it change anything?” She
thought, ‘People believe what they want, so explaining won’t matter.”

Hailey paused for a moment. Then she said, “You’ve had a few incidents lately While the school figures
out how to deal with public opinion, we’ve decided you should take some time off. The Math Olympiad
team is considering a new member How do you feel about this?”

Madelyn answered, “I’m okay with it.”

“Alright, I’ll call your parents and have them pick you up.”

“No need, I can go by myself.”

Madelyn returned to the classroom to gather her belongings. Her actions didn’t cause much of a

stir among her classmates. They were focused on their own practice papers, and Yvonne wasn’t in

Walking past a classroom, a group of boys swarmed around her, disregarding the ongoing class and
their teacher’s instruction.

“What are you all doing? Return to your seats and pay attention,” the teacher scolded, but her words
fell on deaf ears.

Several boys stood in Madelyn’s path, playfully jostling her. “Hey, isn’t this Madelyn? Heard you’ve
been hanging out with lots of guys, huh?”

Jadie approached with a furrowed brow, “What’s going on here? Stop spreading rumors. Madelyn isn’t
what you’re saying.”

“Jadie White, stay out of it. You’re just adopted into the Jent family, and Madelyn never treated you as
her sister. Mind your own business,” someone retorted.

Serena quickly pulled Jadie away.

Another voice joined in with laughter, “Yeah, spill the details.”

Madelyn’s response was simple, “Let me through.” She tried to step forward, but they blocked her


“Why the hurry? We’re not done talking yet.”

Jadie’s frustration was evident as she stepped up. “You guys are crossing the line.”

Normally, Madelyn would have been furious, but their repulsive expressions made her want to burst
into laughter.

Madelyn’s laughter was captivating. Her beauty outshone that of the other girls in school.

Then a boy presented a bank card to Madelyn, “There’s two hundred grand on it. Let me take care

of you for a year.”

Madelyn vaguely recognized him; his family was prosperous in the mining industry, but she

couldn’t recall his name.

Accepting the card with a smile, Madelyn asked, “Even if I agreed, would you even dare to lay a

finger on me?”

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