The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 245

Madelyn asked, “Do you want to take a shower?”

Forrest straightened up, his eyebrow raised in surprise. “What are you trying to do to me? Put away
your dirty thoughts.”

Madelyn was speechless, thinking, ‘What the hell is he thinking all day?’

She went to her room and fetched a bathrobe for him. “It’s brand new, never been worn.”

Forrest took it from her, “Oh, it’s pink.”

After this, Madelyn went to freshen up herself. She had already showered at school earlier, but
yesterday, she had refrained from doing so due to his presence. Once she had taken care of everything
else, she left the bathroom for him.

As she was about to close the door, Forrest’s voice echoed, “I’ll also aim for Ventropolis University.”

With a warm smile, Madelyn responded, “Got it. Sleep well, good night.”

“Good night.”

The next morning, Madelyn finished her preparations and found Forrest in the kitchen. He stood with a
fry pan in one hand and another hand in his pocket, expertly cooking pasta.

Seeing him cook, Madelyn was surprised. She had assumed that a rich kid like him wouldn’t know how
to cook. This was her first time witnessing a guy cooking, as Zach had never cooked

for her before.

“Come and serve the pasta,” Forrest instructed, his attention still focused on the cooking.

Madelyn put down her backpack and walked over, noticing that the red mark on Forrest’s face had
faded somewhat, but there were still some visible traces.

“What are you cooking?” she asked.

Forrest responded, “Well, when you have nothing, you cook what you can!”

The pasta Forrest had prepared consisted only bell peppers and tomatoes.

Madelyn took a bite. The tomato mixed with the bell peppers had a slightly tangy but flavorful and
appetizing taste. She had never tried this combination before.

“It’s quite good, actually,” she admitted.

“That’ll be $8. Thank you,” Forrest playfully remarked.

Startled, Madelyn nearly choked on her food. “Why not just rob a bank? I’ll pay you back; 1

won’t eat it.”


Forrest chuckled and removed his apron, stepping closer. “Just kidding, go ahead and eat.”

Before he could even take his seat, Forrest’s phone rang, his expression growing serious. Without a
word, he headed to the balcony, still on the call.

Madelyn continued her meal, her ears catching every movement he made. His demeanor indicated the
caller’s identity, a fact she could already deduce.

The conversation ended swiftly, and Forrest returned, resuming his seat in silence.

The rest of the meal passed without a word exchanged between them.

Upon finishing, Madelyn waited for Forrest before they left together for school.

As they made their way, Madelyn had a feeling of the impending challenges they would face that day.

Passersby cast curious glances, sizing up them walking side by side.

“Have you heard? Madelyn slept with several guys.”

“Really? I thought it was just a rumor.”

“It’s true! Her brother was there too, just watching without helping! If you don’t believe it, check the
forum and the posted pictures. Everyone’s talking about it.”

The word “photos” caught Madelyn’s attention, even though she was completely unaware of any such

Upon returning to the classroom, Madelyn accessed the school forum using her phone and located the
picture they were discussing.

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