The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 243

Zach’s chilling aura brushed against them.

Yvonne glanced disdainfully at Forrest and remarked, “Madelyn, weren’t you supposed to be helping
him with his studies? It looks more like you two are on a date. Don’t tell me you’ve actually fallen for
this bastard? Why don’t you ever listen to what I say?” She was so frustrated that she almost stomped
her foot.

Noticing the test paper on the table, Yvonne smirked, “Twenty points? Seriously, Forrest? Your
inadequacy is the same whether it’s in the Arnold family or at school. You might end up being looked
down by my brother throughout your life, like a stepping stone, without much future ahead.”

Forrest, hands in his pockets, toyed with his lighter and chuckled, “At least I’m not in a hurry to please

“How dare you!” Yvonne suddenly approached him and raised her hand.

A sharp sound echoed.


The noise drew the attention of a few library-goers.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like that. Just a lowly entertainer’s kid.
“Yvonne’s eyes turned fierce, exuding an air of superiority.

“He’s just being himself!” Madelyn replied promptly. Without hesitation, she stepped forward and
positioned herself between Forrest and Yvonne. “This is a library, and your behavior is disturbing not
only to me, but also to others. Please leave immediately!”

Yvonne’s brow furrowed, “You’re defending him so strongly. Is your attachment to him that deep?” She
turned her questioning gaze toward Forrest, “Forrest, what’s your secret in winning her over?”

“I’m standing up for him!” Madelyn affirmed, her hand gripping Forrest’s sleeve, her anxious hold
quivering slightly. This was the first time she had defended someone so boldly.

Yvonne countered, “Consider that by doing this, you’re not only challenging me, but also the entire
Arnold family. Your family’s standing owes much to Zach. Can your position remain steady? Your
choices confuse me; what’s your reasoning?”

“When I was in a dire situation, Forrest came to my rescue. Isn’t that reason enough?” Madelyn’s tone
remained composed.

Yvonne hesitated for a moment.

Undeterred, Madelyn pressed on, recounting her memories in front of the gathered onlookers.

“The rain was pouring, a group of people near the shore. Among them, only Forrest

courageously plunged into the water to rescue me from drowning. Yvonne, if you harbor ill feelings
toward Forrest, that’s your own concern. But why do you insist on dictating my choices to align with
your desires?

“Your influence holds no sway over me, even if you possess wealth and influence!

“And you, Brother!” Madelyn turned gaze at Zach with a smirk. “You understand better than anyone
why I fled from this family in the first place. You were present, yet you remained inactive.

“My well-being meant nothing to you.

“In those crucial moments, I had held onto the hope that you’d be there to rescue me. What were your
actions then, Brother?

“Did you watch in silence as I faced imminent danger, or perhaps you were secretly wishing for the

“I’m here before you today; have I fallen short of your expectations?

“My very own brother turned a blind eye to me, while Forrest risked everything to save me. How can I
not stand up for him?”

Zach remained silent.

Madelyn pondered, ‘No way to refute these truths, right? Everything I’ve uttered is grounded in reality.
Have I truly wronged him? No.”

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