The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 242

Inside the library, Madelyn brought out a math paper she had created herself and handed it over to
Forrest. The paper had simple problems and was just half a page long.

Usually, finishing it would take around thirty minutes, which was just enough time for her to also commit
the Etlinish words to memory and even tackle the Etlinish reading


Not wanting to make Forrest feel pressured, Madelyn refrained from hovering around to observe him

After the passing of thirty minutes, whether he completed the paper or not, she would collect it.

Giving the paper a quick look, Madelyn noticed that he hadn’t written down a few of the most basic
math formulas.

Ultimately, he achieved a score of twenty points. She noted this in the upper right corner of the

paper. Those twenty points were granted for his effort in attempting each problem.

Madelyn sighed one after another, pondering, “Forrest, what on earth have you been doing these past
two years?”

Forrest cast his pen aside, propped his legs on the chair, and leaned back, wearing a smirk.” Just
having some fun!”

Madelyn retorted, “Fun?! You’ve been attending classes, at least pay a little attention! Haven’t you
realized? The problems I gave you are from the first lesson in the math book. Don’t tell me you haven’t

even opened the book.”

“After being classmates for two years, you still don’t understand me?” he replied playfully.

Madelyn reached out as if about to poke his head, locking her gaze with his. She didn’t speak further,
her eyes reflecting a different kind of feeling.

Forrest’s expression softened. He extended the index finger of his left hand to lightly tap hers. “We still
have half a year left. You can teach me, and I’ll do my best to remember.”

Those two years, apart from the unpleasant moments, the happy memories seemed to be hazy. She
lowered her head, masking the emotions in her eyes.

‘Now isn’t the time to dwell on past grievances,’ Madelyn pondered, ‘When the actual exam day arrives,
we probably won’t cross paths anymore.’

Madelyn’s voice remained even as she spoke, “It’s not as simple as you think. Who do you think you
are? If you struggle with these problems, I can’t even begin to hope for your acceptance into
Ventropolis University. I might even consider it a blessing if you manage to secure a spot in any lower-
tier colleges.”

She paused, her thoughts racing, ‘Since I started helping him with his studies, I’ve missed out on those
after-school classes. If Father finds out, I’ll be in trouble again.”

Uncertain about whether she would return home for the extended holiday, she contemplated, ‘ It’s been
quite a while since I’ve had an extended stay at home. Unless the house still isn’t fully renovated,
maybe I can escape that situation.’

“Do you truly lack faith in me?”

Madelyn’s inner monologue responded with skepticism, ‘As if I could put my trust in him.’

Resuming her explanation, she picked up a blue pen and stated, “I’ll solve the problems for you, and
you need to pay close attention. I’ll walk you through them now. Remember my explanations and retain
the information. Also, make sure not to leave your practice book. empty. Complete your assignments
on schedule and send me pictures for review once you’re done.”

Forrest had never been fond of overly troublesome tasks, and the prospect of sending her a daily
“report” made him grimace. A subtle exasperated sound escaped his lips.

“Hey, Forrest, I’m addressing you. Are you listening?” Madelyn’s tone asserted, “Please take this
seriously. You’re my responsibility!”

“Your responsibility? Madelyn Jent, what kind of ‘responsibility’?” A chilling and commanding voice
reverberated through the library.

The sudden entrance of Zach, with Yvonne following closely, caught Madelyn off-guard.

Rising from her seat, Madelyn was intimately familiar with Zach’s demeanor. His calm appearance hid
his brewing anger.

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