The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 241

Yvonne continued, “Are you trying to keep Ethan hanging on while also being with Forrest, Madelyn?
I’m curious, what’s your true intention? Why not just be honest?”

As Madelyn pondered the situation, she thought, ‘Is this how Yvonne see it? Did Ethan feel the same
way when he learned about Forrest and me last night?’

Meeting Yvonne’s gaze directly, Madelyn maintained her composure and responded, “Let me clarify a
few things.”

She began to explain, “Who I spend time with and what I choose to do is my personal business. Ethan
has been supportive before, and I’m grateful for that. However, it doesn’t mean I’ll simply go along with
his feelings for me. If you all believe I should distance myself from him, I’m willing to do so.” She added,
“This is a matter concerning your family, and it’s unrelated to me. If you insist on pressuring me to
make a choice, I’ll stand by the decision I’ve made now.”

Furthermore, Madelyn recognized her own responsibility toward Forrest. Yet, even if she didn’t,
whether she maintained contact with him was not their concern.

Seeing beyond their history, Madelyn came to appreciate Forrest’s true character. She noticed his kind
gestures, like feeding stray cats at school and showing gratitude to the doctor. She even witnessed him
assisting an elderly woman whose cart was stuck in a puddle, then

continuing on his way as if it were nothing.

Continuing her explanation, Madelyn stated, “Yvonne, I’m not afraid if you decide to inform Ethan about
all of this. I have my own plans for life, and nothing will hinder me. My goal is to get into Ventropolis
University. I won’t let myself develop feelings for anyone, nor will I waste time on dating. I’ll talk to

Ethan and make things clear. As for dinner… you and Zach should enjoy it! I won’t intrude as a third
wheel.” 2

With those words, Madelyn turned and walked away, this time without Yvonne attempting to detain her.
As she descended the stairs, Forrest leaned against the doorway, his gaze focused

on his shoes.

“Let’s go,” Madelyn said.

Forrest quietly followed in her footsteps.

Later that evening, at seven-thirty, Yvonne settled into the passenger seat of Zach’s car.

Her annoyance still lingered. She voiced her frustration to Zach, recounting the details of her
conversation with Madelyn.

“Doesn’t any of this concern you? If Madelyn becomes closer to Forrest, my brother might find out. He
could even terminate business cooperation with your family’s company. You need to take action before
my brother discovers this.”

Zach’s tone turned cold, “I didn’t come here to listen to this. Where is she?”

“How would I know? Let’s just go eat. I’m really hungry!” Yvonne clicked her seatbelt into place.

A shadow seemed to cross Zach’s expression, and a chill seemed to emanate from him. He released
his seatbelt, opened the car door, and stepped out, thinking, ‘Yeah, I do need to take some action.’

“What are you up to?” Yvonne called out, puzzled.

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