The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 239

Yvonne’s performance was pretty impressive. She rarely did her homework, and she occasionally
skipped classes. It seemed like she could perform well academically effortlessly.

Today, Yvonne had once again skipped the Math Olympiad training class. Albert seemed unfazed and
began teaching at the blackboard.

In the final period, the homeroom teacher, Hailey, made an announcement. There would be a parent-
teacher meeting this Saturday, and every parent was expected to attend. Additionally, there was a
camp during the upcoming break, and if anyone wanted to participate, they needed to sign up. The
camp was organized by Ventrocloud High School and was open to the entire school.

Madelyn stashed the camp participation form into her drawer.

She didn’t need to think twice about the parent-teacher meeting. Hayson had never attended any of her
parent-teacher meetings before. In the past, she had convinced Zach to attend as her parent.

But this time, it seemed unlikely that anyone would show up.

As for the camp, Madelyn considered joining. The camp would end just one day before the long break.
Madelyn felt whether she went home for the holiday or not didn’t seem to matter


Unlike other classes, Class One didn’t end early. After the last class, Madelyn headed to the

cafeteria to have dinner.

Madelyn was wearing a long white down jacket. Her delicate face was slightly flushed from the cold,
hidden beneath her hat.

Just as she was walking peacefully, a hand lifted her hat. Madelyn turned her head to look, but saw no
one. Before she could react, someone had appeared beside her.

When she saw who it was, she wasn’t that surprised.

“Madelyn, where are you headed?”

“Dinner,” Madelyn replied, keeping her head down. “School’s over, aren’t you going home?”

Seeing Forrest with his hands in his pockets and no backpack, she thought, ‘Don’t tell me he’s going to
the cafeteria too…’ Suddenly, she felt she should change her plan.

“Are you planning to join the camp?” Forrest asked.

Madelyn was taken aback. She thought, ‘Is he asking me about this? ‘She mumbled, “I don’t know.”

Forrest pressed on, “You don’t know? Do you not want to go, or do you want to go? Or is it


because you know I’ll be there, so you’re avoiding it?”

Madelyn thought, ‘Is he playing word games with me?’ She then slowed down her tracks and said,


Madelyn pursed her lips and looked at him. She said, “Apart from our tutoring sessions, it’s better if you
keep your distance from me just like before.”

Forrest chuckled, “Do you have some kind of problem?”

“I’m doing this for your own good.” One of the reasons was she wasn’t used to his sudden. change of
attitude toward her.

“What kind of good is that? Blink your eyes if someone’s threatening you!” Forrest raised an eyebrow
and put her hat back on for her, hands in his pockets as he walked away.

Madelyn wasn’t bluffing. Her mind hadn’t settled down all day.

Madelyn’s hunger outweighed her wandering thoughts. She quickly ordered a serving of chicken risotto
and a bowl of onion soup, and Forrest ordered the same meal.

In the spacious cafeteria, there were only a few people.

Madelyn bit down on her spoon, silently complaining, “Why does your risotto have so much. chicken,
and I only have a few pieces?”

He had a whole plate of chicken, while she looked at her risotto with only three or four pieces.

of chicken.

Seeing her frustrated look, Forrest smiled. “Here, take it,” he said, giving her most of the


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