The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 238

Madelyn stopped in her tracks when she realized it was George calling her. She wondered, ‘ Why is
Ethan at the school at this time?’

However, she had no choice but to get into Ethan’s car, taking the passenger seat.

The car was warm, thanks to the air conditioning.

Sitting in the car, Ethan appeared pale and weak. He had his hand pressed against his mouth,
coughing a few times. His breathing was labored, as if he was feeling uncomfortable.

Neither of them spoke. After a while, Madelyn broke the silence, “Why are you here today? You’re not
feeling well. Do you need to go to the hospital?” she said with concern.

“It’s just a common cold, nothing serious,” Ethan replied.

Madelyn nodded in response.

Ethan’s voice was soft as he asked, “Yesterday, Yvonne mentioned that Mr. Jardin couldn’t find you
when he was here to pick you up after school. Where did you go?”

“He was here to pick me up?” Madelyn responded, a bit puzzled. She wondered, ‘Wasn’t he here for

Ethan nodded, “Yvonne was worried when the evening class had ended later than usual, so she called
him. Did you not run into them?”

Ethan’s gaze was fixed on her, as if he were trying to read something from her expression.

Suddenly, it dawned on Madelyn, ‘So Yvonne said that!’ She had never asked Zach to pick her up.
Zach was aware that she had already left his apartment.

Madelyn felt that it was unnecessary to make a big deal out of it. Yvonne was simply using her

as an excuse.

Madelyn replied calmly, “My phone died, so I didn’t receive any calls. After school, I accompanied a
sick friend to the clinic.”

She wondered, ‘So, Ethan purposely came here to ask me these questions?’

But then she reconsidered, ‘It shouldn’t be. This minor incident wouldn’t be enough for Ethan to come
question me. Maybe Yvonne found out something or saw something. Could it be that she saw me
leaving the school with Forrest and then told Ethan?’

“Is your friend feeling better now?”

“Much better,” Madelyn replied with a faint smile, though she felt a bit uneasy inside.

Ethan’s indirect questions made her feel like she was being interrogated. She didn’t feel like


she had done anything wrong. The pressure was making it hard for her to breathe.

“Thank you for your concern. Oh, by the way, my class is about to start, so I should should head back
too. Don’t forget to take your medicine.”

Ethan nodded gently, his eyes filled with tenderness, “Sure.”

He continued to watch Madelyn heading to her school.

1. You

‘She said thank you for my concern. Is it really just a matter of a few days for us to become this distant?
Madelyn, why did you hide your relationship with Forrest from me? Do you really not want me to

There were some things that Ethan just wanted to hear directly from her. He couldn’t help but wonder,
‘Or is it that you’ve actually developed feelings for him?’

After Madelyn got out of the car, the smile on her face disappeared in an instant.

As she walked into the school, her brow was still furrowed. She couldn’t seem to shake off the


Madelyn walked into the classroom and happened to catch Yvonne’s gaze. Yvonne glanced at her
briefly, then quickly turned to chat with the person beside her.

Madelyn thought to herself, ‘Maybe I am just overthinking things today, and nothing actually happened.’

She continued to go about her day alone, attending classes and completing assignments more
efficiently than usual.

She thought, ‘I won’t disturb Forrest today… he’s still not feeling well, so I’ll let him rest for the day.’

The results of the test Albert had arranged were out. Madelyn wasn’t surprised to find herself in the
second place among the six team members.

The first place went to a slim boy with thick glasses who always carried his workbook. He sat next to
Madelyn and rarely spoke. Yvonne was in third place.

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