The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 237

Madelyn woke up naturally and got out of bed. It was now seven o’clock, and she had half an hour
before she needed to leave. That was more than enough time for her.

She tied her hair into a ponytail and used a headband to keep it in place before opening the door and
stepping out. She glanced at the couch and saw that the blankets and bedsheet were neatly folded and
placed on it.

She thought to herself, ‘Forrest must have left already. ‘

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and there stood Forrest, wearing a black bomber jacket with a
hat on his head. Snowflakes had settled on his shoulders, and he brushed them off before coming

“Hey, Madelyn. You’re awake.”

Madelyn asked, “Where did you go?”

Forrest held up two bags of food for her to see. “Breakfast, bought downstairs for you.”

He added, “Hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls.”

Madelyn replied, “But I’m running out of time.”

“Oh, then I’ll toss it.” He said indifferently.

“You’re really wasting food. I’ll go brush my teeth and wash my face, and then we can eat.”

“Fine.” Forrest placed the breakfast on the table. He had also bought some garlic breadsticks and
crescent rolls. He didn’t know what she would prefer, so he decided to get a variety.

After finishing breakfast, they left half of the breadsticks and crescent rolls in the fridge.

They didn’t leave together.

Madelyn had left after eating a bit, while Forrest stayed behind to use the kitchen stove to brew the
herbal supplements he got last night into tonic.

Madelyn wasn’t worried about what he might do in her apartment. He was richer than her, and there
wasn’t much in her place that was worth stealing anyway.

Walking along the street, Madelyn took out her concealer and dabbed a bit under her eyes with her
fingers. After all, she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for two or three days, and her dark circles were
getting worse by the day. She was worried that her health would be affected if this continued.

The early self-study in Class One was not supervised by any teachers. Since she was already running
late, she decided to take her time.


“Sir… it’s Miss Jent.” Leyton noticed Madelyn not far away, looking into a mirror as she applied makeup
to her face. Her complexion seemed a bit worn out.

Ethan glanced in the direction she was coming from. Although he looked impassive, his hand tightly
gripping his phone.

“Do you want me to call her?” Leyton asked.

Ethan didn’t respond.

Leyton and George had already knew what Ethan was here for Ethan and Yvonne rarely got along, yet
today, he had surprisingly accompanied Yvonne to school. He didn’t leave after dropping he off. So,

they knew he wanted to see Madelyn.

Ethan asked Leyton, “Where was Forrest last night?”

Leyton replied, “He didn’t return to his apartment last night. He was either at the bar or the club. But I’m
not clear about his exact whereabouts.”

Ethan knew that Forrest had been with Madelyn last night. His frustration and annoyance were growing
inside him.

He caressed the screen of his phone absentmindedly while lowering his eyes. His gaze was unsettling
“How dare he ignored my words! From now on, cut off all his fund. He won’t get at single cent without
my permission.”

“If he’s fooling around with anyone else, I can turn a blind eye. But if he’s getting close to Madelyn with
ill intentions, I can’t simply ignore it. Especially since it’s Madelyn! He’s just like his filthy mother,
resorting to vile means ‘ With that thought in mind, a cold

determination flickered in Ethan’s eyes.

Leyton added, “If your father asks…”

“Just tell him about my decision. He won’t dare say a word.”

“Yes, sir.”

Madelyn was about to enter the school gate when a familiar voice called out to her.

“Miss Jent!”

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