The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 236

About an hour and a half later, Forrest shook Madelyn’s foot. “Hey, wake up, It’s time to go,” he
whispered to himself, ‘She’s sleeping so soundly.’

Startled, Madelyn roused from her slumber and realized that Forrest’s IV drip had been. completed.
She saw a cotton swab taped to the back of his hand.

Checking her phone, Madelyn saw that it was nearly one o’clock. She yawned and asked, “Did you
remember what I told you?”

“Thinking about that now, at this hour? Let’s discuss it tomorrow,” Forrest replied, slinging his bag over
his shoulder and making his way to the counter to settle the bill and collect hist


The doctor gave Forrest a stern look. “Kid, take your kidney health seriously. I wasn’t joking. If it
worsens, you might not have children in the future.”

Rolling his eyes, Forrest retorted, “Alright, enough with the lecture, old man.”

Madelyn chimed in, “Forrest, show some respect to the doctor.” Then she turned to the doctor and
assured, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he follows your advice.”

The doctor nodded. “See, your friend understands.”

Forrest carried a big bag of medication, and the two of them left the clinic.

“Did you hear what the doctor said? You should smoke and drink less. Hey Forrest… I…”

“Spit it out if you have something to say!”

“I noticed the scars on your lower back and stomach. What happened?”

“Heh… Concerned, are you?” Forrest’s voice took on a seductive tone, his raised eyebrow adding to
the effect.

But Madelyn was unfazed by his attempt at charm. Having lived for two lifetimes, she felt she had been
around long enough to be his mother in terms of age. So, even if she cared about him, it was more like
maternal instinct.

Changing the topic, she asked, “How do you plan to get back?”

“At this hour, it’s hard to find a cab. I’ll probably stay in a hotel. And you?”

“I have a rented place nearby, just up ahead.”

Forrest then frowned as he checked his wallet. “Guess what? I forgot my ID. Mind if I crash on your
couch for the night?”

Madelyn narrowed her eyes, suspecting his intentions. ‘Did he plan this?’ she wondered.

Regardless, she decided to be generous.

So, she brought him to her rented apartment.

Upon entering, Forrest acted as though he owned the place. He sprawled out on an old couch, draping
a blanket over himself. However, the blanket fell short of covering his tall frame, and his feet poked out
at the end.

Madelyn went into her room and then came back with a blanket and bedsheet. “Get up. Lay down the
sheet before you sleep.”

Forrest complied, rising from the couch.

As she spread the bedsheet, Forrest stood behind her. “When did you become so caring?” he asked.

“I’ve always been,” Madelyn responded.

As for she cared, they both knew, yet neither broached the subject.

Madelyn fetched unused toiletries from the room. She had them on hand as backup, though she hadn’t
anticipated needing them today.

After Forrest came out of the bathroom, Madelyn had a glass of water ready, placed alongside his
medications on a coffee table. “Remember to take your medicine.”

As for the herbal supplements, they required brewing into tonic, but considering the late hour, Forrest
would have to wait until the next day to take them.

Having taken care of his needs, Madelyn was also exhausted. She went to the bathroom to quickly
freshen up.

In the bedroom, she settled onto the pillow and almost instantly succumbed to sleep.

That night, she slept well, free from any haunting nightmares.

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