The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 235

Across the street, near the school entrance, a black Audi was parked. Yvonne sat in the passenger
seat, feeling angry as she watched what was happening.

“I can’t believe Madelyn would do this behind Ethan’s back. She’s befriending that bastard! I need to so

Yvonne snapped some photos with her phone, thinking to use them as evidence.

“They’re leaving. Drive after them, Mr. Jardin. I want to see what else they’re up to!”

Zach found it hard to refuse Yvonne’s requests, maybe because of his own thoughts about Madelyn.
He slowly followed Forrest and Madelyn.

But when they turned into a narrow alley, the car couldn’t go through.

Yvonne exclaimed in frustration, “My brother treats her so well. How could she be with Forrest? No
wonder she defended him last time; they must have a thing!”

She added, “Mr. Jardin, she’s your sister. She’s dating someone while still in high school. Shouldn’t you
do something?”

The moment she looked at Zach, she felt an unsettling aura from him, sending a shiver down her spine.

She had never seen him look so gloomy.

Zach averted his gaze from the alley and said, “This is our family matter. Just mind your own business.”

Sensing his annoyance, Yvonne chose to remain silent.

Zach stepped on the accelerator and left the street swiftly.

Meanwhile, in the dimly lit alley, Forrest and Madelyn walked together. The only source of light came
from the flame of Forrest’s lighter.

“Looks like the streetlights are out here,” Madelyn observed.

As Forrest extinguished the lighter, darkness enveloped their path.

“Madelyn, it’s really dark, and it’s just the two of us. If you have feelings for me, you can just tell me
honestly. No need for these games.”

“You must be really sick. Your words don’t make sense,” she replied, pointing to a spot. “Over there, it’s
still open. Let’s go quickly.”

They entered a clinic.

Madelyn said, “Bear with it for now. If you go to hospital, it’ll take forever to wait to see


She anticipated his complaint, but he surprised her by sitting down calmly, crossing his legs and
placing his bag beside him.

The clinic had a sterile smell, and it was empty.

“Hello, anyone here?” Madelyn called out, stretching her neck.

Forrest’s gaze shifted to the side as he chuckled softly, a faint dimple forming, thinking to himself,
‘Haha, she looked like a duck just now!’

Madelyn found his amusement puzzling.

Before long, an old doctor with glasses emerged from the back room.

The doctor checked Forrest’s temperature and tongue, diagnosing a regular fever.

The clinic was known for alternative medicine practices. After a more thorough assessment of Forrest,
the doctor discreetly mentioned kidney care.

Madelyn stifled her laughter. Alternative medicine often associated kidneys with sexual


Forrest’s face turned dark, but he controlled his anger. In the past, he might have set the clinic on fire.

Madelyn reassured him, “Don’t worry! I won’t tell anyone.”

“Get lost,” he grumbled.

“A young man like you, having kidney issues at your age, could lead to infertility in the future. I’ll give
you some herbal supplements. Remember to take them when you get home.”

“How thoughtful of you! I’m truly grateful,” Forrest said through his gritted teeth while clenching his fist.

Staying by Forrest’s side, Madelyn watched as he received the IV treatment. Four bags of fluids were
hanging above him, indicating that the process would likely take some time. As the minutes ticked by,
her patience started to wane, and she struggled to keep herself awake. Adjusting her position, she
found a more comfortable spot and slowly slipped into sleep.

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