The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 234

Another notebook was buried beneath, one that Forrest had copied Madelyn’s notes into.

Madelyn tilted her head and looked at his handwriting in the notebook. She had thought his handwriting
would be messy, but it turned out to be neater than hers.

In fact, this notebook was meant for him, as Madelyn didn’t expect him to copy it down.

She thought to herself, ‘Well, copying it might actually help him remember better.’

Madelyn woke him up; if he went back to sleep, the school gates would be locked.

After a while, she remembered that he was sick.

Madelyn noticed a pink thermos and some medicine at the upper right corner of his desk.

She called his name several times, but he didn’t respond until she reached out and lightly touched his
forehead through his bangs to check his temperature.

‘It’s really hot!’

In the next second, Forrest, who had been sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes. Madelyn met

gaze calmly, and they locked eyes for a few seconds.


The atmosphere felt strangely silent and eerie until Madelyn withdrew her hand and spoke first, “Just
happened to be passing by. Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

“Always sticking your nose in others’ business?” His voice was low and husky, not very friendly.

Madelyn was not offended as she realized that he wasn’t wrong. She said, “The school is about. to
close. Remember to head back early.”

With that, she turned and left the classroom.

“Seriously, what a drama queen!” Forrest muttered to himself, though he wasn’t sure if he was referring
to Madelyn or himself.

A few minutes later, Forrest gripped his backpack strap. The bag swung behind him, and he
unbuttoned three buttons on his school uniform to reveal a black short-sleeve shirt


His demeanor was different from before, walking calmly behind Madelyn.

By now, the lights in all the school buildings on the street had been turned off, leaving only the
streetlights. At night, the road was quite deserted, with hardly anyone around, and all the shops were

Madelyn spoke up, “You don’t have to follow me. You can take a cab back.”

Forrest said, “Take me to the hospital.”

Madelyn was taken aback.

“What, can’t understand human speech?” Forrest continued.

She thought, ‘Wasn’t he just saying I’m nosy? Now he needs my help, and he’s acting so proud.

Madelyn sighed deeply but didn’t say much.

Madelyn couldn’t quite figure out his attitude toward her. ‘How could someone who dislikes me so much
be willing to help me so selflessly?’

Madelyn said, “Button up your shirt properly. It’s chilly at night, your cold could get worse.”

“Can’t be bothered. Stop talking, let’s go.” Forrest’s tone was weak and his words were harsh.

Madelyn lifted her backpack slightly, reaching out to button up his shirt for him.

Under the streetlight, Forrest looked at her, his eyes flickering with mixed emotions.

Madelyn then wrapped the scarf from her neck around his, and Forrest could feel the warmth and
pleasant scent from it.

After everything was settled, Madelyn said, “Going to the hospital is too much trouble. I’ll take you
somewhere else.”

To Madelyn, these gestures didn’t feel like a big deal; she was simply used to caring for someone, or
precisely, Zach, in a considerate and meticulous manner in her previous life.

But to Forrest, it wasn’t so simple. In his eyes, her actions seemed to imply something, and his heart
was racing. “Okay,” he replied.

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