The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 232

In Class Six, some of the students whispered, “Wow, she’s trying to wake Forrest up. Is she out of her

“Get your popcorn ready! Forrest is gonna show her who’s boss for messing with his sleep!”

Whenever Forrest was taking a snooze in class, nobody would even think about bugging him. His
classmates would talk so quiet, it was like they were sharing secrets.

Usually, Forrest would just skip class or take a leisurely walk outside in the afternoon. But to everyone’s
shock, he was actually the first person to step into the classroom today.

“Hey, Forrest? Forrest!” Madelyn was, like, gently tapping his shoulder and saying his name, like, a
bunch of times.

Right when that was happening, Jadie and Serena had just rolled back in from lunch.

“Madelyn? What brings you here?” asked Jadie.

She then glanced over at Forrest, who was still sleeping over the desk. “You’re here for Forrest? He
seems a bit under the weather. What do you need from him?”

‘He’s sick?’ Madelyn pursed her lips and said, “Oh, never mind then. Forrest, we’ll talk some other

She thought it might be nice to give him a break this time. The day before had been super chilly, but
even so, Forrest had handed over his jacket to her. He just sat there on the bench, wearing only a
black shirt with short sleeves, puffing on a cigarette for nearly an hour. She couldn’t quite figure out why
he gave her his jacket. ‘Wasn’t he, like, totally hating on me before?’

Suddenly, Forrest stirred awake. His black hair was a bit messy over his forehead. He stretched slowly
and looked at Madelyn, his voice sounding all scratchy and weak, like he might be sick or something.
“Need something?”

Madelyn put her notes down on his desk. “These are the notes for geography and history. You’ve got a
test next week, so they might help. If you go through everything, you could easily get a good score, like
seventy or eighty percent.”

Forrest flipped open one of the notebooks. The pages were filled with really neat writing, and he
thought her handwriting was pretty nice.

“All of it?”

As they listened to Forrest and Madelyn talk, the whole Class Six felt like they couldn’t believe their
ears. ‘Wait, are Forrest and Madelyn actually talking nicely? Weren’t they enemies before?’

Everyone was utterly shocked because Forrest and Madelyn had been at odds for as long as anyone
could remember. But now, Forrest was actually checking out Madelyn’s notes and seemed serious
about studying.

“Yep. All of it. No slacking. I’ll be checking,” Madelyn said.

Forrest scratched his head, sighed in frustration, and said, “Got it.”

Studying wasn’t really his thing before. Now, he had to remember so much stuff, and he felt like it was
kind of hard. ‘Ugh! Why did I get myself into this mess?’

Madelyn had to go to her Math Olympiad class, so she left the room.

After she left, Timothy stared at Forrest in disbelief. “Have you lost your mind? How did end up being
nice to Madelyn? And you’re actually taking her notes? Seriously?”

Forrest shot back, “Get lost!”

Jadie chimed in, “Forrest, if you need notes, you can borrow mine. Madelyn is busy with studying and
after-school lessons. She doesn’t have much time.

Forrest just turned his head and went back to sleep, ignoring her.


Trying to make Jadie feel better, Timothy laughed and said, “He’s just pretending. Don’t mind

him. Or maybe you could let me borrow your notes.”

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