The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 231

[I pose no threat to you. After much reflection, it’s evident that since we can’t get along, it’s best for me
to leave. Please let Rosario know she needn’t worry; I’ll take care of myself.



Zach’s expression soured as he quietly muttered to himself, ‘That fool.’

He had made a call earlier, but it was cut off after just a few rings a clear sign that Madelyn had blocked
his number. Inside, his frustration boiled over, ‘Madelyn Jent, how dare you!’

Jadie, looking worried, came up to Zach on the balcony. “Zach, did you find anything?”

Zach slipped his phone into his pocket without saying anything. He turned around and walked away,
saying, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to school.”

“But it’s still early,” Jadie said.

She wanted to finish her breakfast. But with Zach’s visible anger, she chose silence. She grabbed her
backpack and followed him out of the apartment.

The traffic flowed smoothly, and in just fifteen brisk minutes, they arrived at the school.

Zach’s mood was far from good. He hardly spoke during the ride, and Jadie had never seen him. this
angry before. She wondered to herself, ‘Could it be because Madelyn left?’

Jadie hesitated, then gathered her courage to ask, “Zach, did you have a fight with Madelyn last night?”

To be honest, Jadie felt a little jealous. She didn’t like how much attention Zach gave to Madelyn
instead of her.

But deep down, she knew the truth: Madelyn had truly given up on Zach.

She reasoned with herself, ‘Madelyn is the only daughter of the Jent family, not like us – Zach and me
– we’re just common folks that Hayson adopted. She had enjoyed a luxurious life that most people
could only dream of. Yet, she left without a word. Zach must be worried something bad might happen,
and Hayson won’t be happy if he finds out about this.’

“Zach, don’t worry, I’ll try to talk to Madelyn and ask her to come back,” she said, “If she doesn’t want to
share a room with me, I can move to the study or find somewhere else to stay.

Zach’s eyes got even colder. “I’ll deal with it. You focus on your school stuff and don’t worry about the

Jadie bit her lip. “Okay, Zach.” She thought to herself, ‘He’s just saying I should mind my own



After Jadie got out of the car, she walked to school with a heavy heart.

Meanwhile, Madelyn was rushing, pulling her suitcase to a budget-friendly apartment near the school.
Even though it was old and didn’t have an elevator, it was in a good spot – downstairs was a busy
street with lots of food stands. Noise wasn’t a problem as long as she shut the windows tight.

Inside the apartment, there was a well-equipped kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The best part was
the rent was just three hundred dollars each month, which was why so many students chose to live
around that area.

A balcony that faced south was an added bonus, complete with a water pipe – the perfect setup for
growing plants. In short, the apartment turned out to be even better than what Madelyn had in mind.

Once she was done unpacking, it was time for Madelyn to head back to school for her classes.

As she reached the school, she found herself in the middle of a two-hour break between classes. It was
too late to head to the library for some studying, so she decided to look for Forrest at Class Six. With
her bag slung over her shoulder and her notes in hand, she made her way through the corridors.

In the back row, right next to the window, Forrest was still fast asleep at his desk.

Madelyn went up to him and gently shook him awake.

“Hey Forrest!”

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