The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 230

Forrest silently sat beside Madelyn as he puffed away on his cigarettes. It was not long before Madelyn
could not stand the smell, so she got up and left.

By the time she reached home, it was almost one in the morning. The living room was dark.

As soon as she walked into their room, Jadie tossed and turned. Madelyn wondered whether she was
still awake, or whether she had woken Jadie up.

Madelyn quickly climbed on to her bed and switched off her bedside lamp. She closed her eyes and
pondered, ‘Perhaps what Zach said was right…’

Madelyn tossed and turned the entire night, kept awake by her thoughts.

At half past six the next morning, Jadie was already awake. She walked into the living room and stared
at the person sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. She stood dumbstruck for a moment before
making a beeline to the dining table.

As a habit, Jadie would always greet everyone with a “good morning”. However, today felt a bit

At this time, Rosario came out of the kitchen with a pot of carrot ginger soup.

“Jadie, where’s Madelyn? Is she still getting ready?” Rosario asked.

“I didn’t see her when I woke up.” Jadie replied.

Rosario furrowed her eyebrows, “Where could she be? Did she not come home the entire night? Mr.
Jardin…have you seen Madelyn?”

“Don’t bother.” Zach spoke without looking up from the newspaper even though he did not understand
a word of what he was reading.

A while later, Rosario went to tidy up Madelyn’s room as usual.

“This kid always stays up late reading and makes a mess on her desk.’

It was a daily routine for Rosario to clean up Madelyn’s desk.

Rosario’s eyes widened as she entered Madelyn’s room and saw that her desk was empty. She quickly
rushed and checked the closet; it was empty too. Madelyn had shared a closet with

Jadie, and all of Madelyn’s things were gone.

Rosario rushed out of the room in a hurry, her face filled with worry, “Mr. Jardin, Madelyn’s things are all
gone! She hasn’t…left us forever, has she?”

Zach frowned; his facial expression hardened. He turned to look at Jadle.

“I slept soundly last night and didn’t hear anything. I did hear her walding up really late last

night, but I didn’t pay much attention to it,” said Jadie.

‘I doubt she would have been able to pack her things in the room and get out so quickly.’ Jadie thought.

“All her things are gone except for the bear plushy!”

“Zach, did Madelyn go


Zach stood up, dragging the wooden chair to the balcony. A deafening screeching sound echoed
around the room. He stopped at the balcony, whipping out his phone and began to dial

a familiar set of numbers. It was then he saw he had an unread message and clicked on it.

[Zach. I can’t deny what you’ve said, but so what if my surname is Jent!?

Does everyone named Jent deserve to die?


you said might happen, but when that day comes… I might not have the courage to bring myself to
continue living. I’ve already died once and I’m not afraid of doing it again. I know you want revenge,
and I won’t stop you.

But one thing’s for sure. You have no right to interfere with my life or how I choose to live my life!

I’m only eighteen and I still have a long way ahead of me. I don’t want to rely on anyone, not even you
or Ethan!

I want to do it myself and make things happen all by myself! I do have to thank you for this; without
your insightful words, I guess I would really be nothing without my family, huh.

How my future turns out is my own business. It has nothing to do with any of you. I’m not Jadie White,
nor am I Yvonne Young…

They can make their own decisions and do their own thing, but me? I’m not allowed to do anything!

Zach Jardin, I don’t care whether it’s you or Ethan Arnold. I only see you guys as friends, nothing

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