The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 229

It is human nature for people to change.

Zach’s expression hardened as he thought, ‘Madelyn has definitely changed. She’s changed from an
arrogant snob into a daring and outspoken woman.’

Zach quickly let go of Madelyn, “Confidence is a good thing… but don’t you forget Madelyn. You’re a
Jent! Do you even know what your family did behind my back and how many lives they are held
accountable for?’

“Trafficked people and sold them off to be prostitutes and to have their organs traded and sold.’ Zach’s
expression hardened.

‘Let’s see how long she can keep up the act.’

“Did you think you were invincible just because Ethan Arnold is around? Don’t you know? You’re just
another one of his toys. Did you really think you were going to be his wife? Don’t be such a fool!

“Come back inside once you’ve come to your senses.”

Madelyn was taken aback; she would never think to have any connection with Ethan. The hallway’s
light switched off as Zach left, Madelyn stood there in the darkness alone.

‘Does he even know what he’s doing? He must be out of his mind! He’s going to drive me crazy!’

Zach could not stand Madelyn getting close to another man.

‘I hate the idea of having to share her with anyone. I’ll never let it happen, not a chance! Even if she
isn’t mine, she has no right to like others either! Or else… I’ll destroy her!’

It was half past midnight and Madelyn was outside sitting alone in the cold. Her mind was

blank. No matter how she tried to piece things together, none of it made sense.

“Yo, did you get kicked out?” A rough voice suddenly rumbled from above her.

Madelyn recognized immediately who it was without raising her head.

‘Forrest Arnold.’

Forrest noticed that Madelyn was sitting out in the cold dressed in thin clothing, and her hands were
frostbitten. He took the cigarette from his mouth on to the ground and stamped it

out with his foot.

Forrest took off his coat and threw it over Madelyn’s head.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Madelyn asked.

“That’s my line. I was walking on the road and thought I ran into a ghost. If you hadn’t promised to tutor
me, do you think I would care?”

Madelyn took the coat off and put it aside, “Don’t worry about me, just go on your way.”

“If you end up dead, I would be the main suspect!” Forrest took a seat next to her and crossed his legs.

The reeking smell of alcohol and tobacco engulfed Madelyn’s senses, ‘He must’ve gone out partying. I
don’t know if choosing to tutor him was a good decision.’

“You’re a Jent! How can you let yourself be bullied by an outsider? Madelyn, you’ve changed. How
could you let yourself be trodden on like this?’ Heh. If you beg me, I might just take you in for a night.”

“Forrest, this is my business. It’s got nothing to do with you. I can sit for however long I like, so don’t
worry about me,” said Madelyn monotonously.

‘I can do whatever I like, who is he to tell me what to do? I have my own rights. I don’t have to answer
to whatever they tell me to do!”

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