The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 227

After half a minute, Ethan accepted that call in his unlit room. The clear voice of a girl sounded, “You’ve
reached home?”

“Mhm,” Ethan replied.

The phone call went silent for a moment. He also did not know what to say. Then Madelyn said, “I…
asked George, and he said you’ve been taking your medication on time recently. Do you feel better

“I feel slightly better,” he said.

“If you don’t feel well in any way, remember to go to the hospital,” Madelyn reminded him.

“Alright,” Ethan said.

George was retrieving his medication and a cup of water. When he heard the phone call from within the
room, he stopped at the door, not wanting to disturb the call. He waited until around four or five minutes
until the call ended before turning on the dim lamp by the bed and walking over.

“Was that Ms. Jent?” George asked.

Ethan turned around and said gently, “Yes. Did you tell her everything about me?”

George denied it and said, “It was Ms. Jent who asked me about it. I just told Ms. Jent about it but
avoided mentioning certain things. Actually, Ms. Jent still cares about you, you know. She isn’t doing so
well at home. You should take care of your health, Mr. Arnold, not just for your own sake but hers as
well. You need to convince the shareholders and reaffirm your position. Only then can you save Ms.
Jent from her suffering.”

“You’re right…” Ethan turned around to look at the distant streets that were lighting up. His gaze
deepened, “Only after I have complete control over the Arnold Corporation will I have the power to
bring her to my side.”

The incident during the shareholders’ meeting had caused dissatisfaction among most shareholders,
and it was threatening to affect his position as CEO. If he did not settle of this issue properly, how could
he expect those shareholders to be comply to his leadership?

“Mr. Arnold, why don’t you listen to Ms. Jent’s advice and take your medication on time so you can
recover from your illness?” George advised.

Ethan took the medicine and fell asleep quickly. He also managed to hear her bid him goodnight.

Madelyn woke up at midnight feeling thirsty. She went to the kitchen to pour some water, but it was
already cold. Madelyn could only boil the water again and mix the cold and hot water together. As she
took her cup of water and prepared to return to her room, she suddenly heard

the door being opened.

Jadie walked in first, her eyes red and wet with tears, as if she had just bawled her eyes out.

“Jadie, if there’s anything that you want to say, please do it tomorrow, okay?” Zach pleaded.

Regardless of how much Jadie threw her tantrums, Zach would always have endless patience to coax
her. Once Zach got in the room, he shut the door tight. Madelyn quickly hid behind the fridge.

“Zach… are you really going to be together with Yvonne? You said before that you’d never leave me. If
I have to see you together with someone else, then you shouldn’t have fetched me back in the first

“Jadie, you know I don’t like you being like this.”

“…Zach! This isn’t like you! You were never like this in the past!” Jadie wailed.

It was as if Zach’s single word of “dislike” left Jadie completely heartbroken.

Tears are a woman’s best weapon, so when she heard Jadie cry, Madelyn already knew what

Zach was about to do next.

From the reflection of the black tiles, Madelyn could see that Zach had moved forward to hug Jadie, as

At the same time, his sharp gaze was locked on a different spot in the corner.

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