The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 226

“I forgot to bring it. I’ll definitely bring it next time,” Ethan said.

“Mhm,” Madelyn replied. After that, Madelyn got in Ethan’s car. The air conditioning in the car was on,
but it was not very cold. However, Ethan’s coat was still draped on her shoulders. By the time they
were on their way home, it was already quite late, so Madelyn had already fallen asleep while leaning
against the car seats.

Leyton could see this from his rearview mirror, so he dimmed the lights in the car. The inside of the
vehicle was so silent that you could hear Madelyn’s breathing clearly. Ethan took out a blanket he had
prepared and covered her gently. Madelyn shifted her position comfortably. She felt some movement
and opened her eyes slightly. She was still groggy and could not see clearly, until she saw a familiar

“Sorry for startling you,” Ethan said in a gentle voice.

Madelyn lowered her head and saw the blanket on her body. She shook her head drowsily and
mumbled, “It’s fine. Have we arrived?”

“There’s still a while more. You can continue to sleep. I’ll call for you when we reach,” Ethan said.

“Mmm-mmm,” Madelyn was prepared to go back to sleep when suddenly, a warm hand wrapped
around her and had her lean onto Ethan’s body with her head resting on his shoulder. Madelyn’s heart
skipped a beat, and she was immediately awake and alert.

The position was intimate, and to an outsider, they looked like a couple who was in love. However,
Madelyn had no way to push him away. She could only let him hug her, although she did not like it. She
was not sure why.

‘Was it because we were moving too slow? It might be!’ Madelyn thought. Zach had arrived earlier than
them and had probably gone up already. Since Madelyn and Ethan reached the Grand Court very late,
the car could only move slowly to avoid being noisy and disturbing others.

As they reached the stairs leading up to the apartment, Madelyn said, “I’m fine going upstairs myself.
It’s already very late, you should go home soon! Remember to call me when you get home!”

Ethan replied with a light smile, “Okay.”

Madelyn was shrewd and had figured out his intentions from his actions earlier. Ethan did not act overly
clingy, leaving after they had said their goodbyes and Madelyn had gone upstairs.

Madelyn sat in the elevator. When she got home and opened the door, Rosario was cleaning the
kitchen. When she heard the noise, she stopped what she was doing.

“Why are you back so late?”

Madelyn exhaustingly changed into a pair of cotton slippers in the foyer. She replied, “I fell asleep and
sat downstairs for a while.”

Rosario brought a cup of warm milk and a heating pad, “I bought this today. You can stick it on your
body to make it warmer. Your period hasn’t ended yet, so remember to wear extra clothes and not let
yourself get cold.”

“I know,” Madelyn took the milk up and took a sip.

Rosario continued to ask, “Why didn’t Jadie and Mr. Jardin come home together with you?”

Madelyn answered her, “They have something to do, so they weren’t with me. Rosario… there’s no
need to wait for them. You should go and rest soon!”

“Alright, you remember to rest early too,” Rosario said.

Madelyn nodded her head. She then removed the coat and placed it on the side. Madelyn finished her
milk and went back to her room. She took some change of clothes and went to shower. After half an
hour, she left the bathroom and took a dry towel to dry her hair. The phone on her nightstand suddenly
rang. It was a call from Ethan.

Madelyn paused what she was doing and silently watched the phone hang up automatically. She
looked away and sat by her nightstand. Her heart felt heavy, and she felt suffocated.

She actually had many chances to refuse Ethan’s feelings. She had been planning to clear things up
with him tonight, but she had not expected George to tell her about his illness. If they carried on like
this, she was afraid she would just cause him more harm…

Madelyn thought for a moment and still sent him a message: [Sorry, I was showering just now. I didn’t
hear the call.]

He replied: [Can I hear your voice? Just tell me good night.]

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