The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 224

Just as Madelyn was about to leave the washroom, someone appeared before her and called out, “Ms.

“George?” If he was looking for her, he probably had something to tell her.

“Could I borrow a bit of your time to have a word with you?” George asked.

‘So predictable!’ Madelyn thought. Inside the emergency exit corridors, the sound-activated lights lit

1. The floor below them was pitch black.

Madelyn asked, “What’s the matter, George?”

“I hope you’ll take a look at this,” George took out a piece of paper. Madelyn flipped it open, and it was
a psychology report evaluation report, and “Major Depressive Disorder” was written on top. The
evaluation report was from a week before. Madelyn looked at the line that wrote the name quite a few
times and confirmed that it was Ethan Arnold.

Madelyn’s heart skipped a beat, “This… this is?”

‘I can’t believe it. He seemed so normal when we were in the booth and at school. He looked like he
was totally fine,’ Madelyn thought.

“As you can see, Mr. Arnold has not fully recovered from his illness. Despite this, Mr. Arnold still refuses
to take his medication, even when we advise him to. He keeps using the excuse of being busy with
work to avoid it. Mr. Arnold also doesn’t have a good temper. At a board meeting a few days ago, he
even attacked one of the shareholders for criticizing him due to a project issue. If this continues, the
other shareholders might suggest removing Mr. Arnold from his post,” George explained.

Madelyn replied, “So…. what do you want me to do, George?”

George answered, “Please, for Mr. Arnold’s sake, who has helped you out so many times, convince
him to accept treatment. Besides you, no one else can persuade him.”

Madelyn’s eyebrows furrowed as she said hesitantly, “George, you’ve been by his side for so many
years, and even you still couldn’t convince him. I’ve merely met him a few times…”

George said, “You’re a smart woman, Ms. Jent. It’s impossible for you to not know of Mr. Arnold’s
intentions after he’s done so much for you. Mr. Arnold originally had an appointment for his surgery a
while back. Once he knew you were in trouble, he immediately got off the operating table and came to
the school…”

“Ms. Jent, Mr. Arnold had explicitly forbade anyone from telling you this. However, at such. times, I
have no choice but to say something,” George continued.

‘Turns out, he did so many things for me! Besides this, what else has Ethan done for me?’ Madelyn

After a while, Madelyn returned to the booth and sat firmly beside him. She looked up and met with his

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling sick?” Ethan’s voice was gentle as he held her hand. His hand

Was warm.

“Why are your hands so cold?” he asked.

Zach saw the intimate interaction, and anger flashed within his eyes.

“I just washed my hands.” Madelyn replied, getting up and putting the bowl before Ethan. She helped
him pour some minestrone. It was originally ordered for him, but he had not eaten since entering. All
eyes turned to look at the two of them Yvonne looked on as if seeing a movie scene unfold before her.
She then said playfully, “Madelyn, why are you treating my brother so nice? You even poured some
soup for him. Why don’t you give me some? Aren’t you being too biased?”

Madelyn lowered her head and fell the blazing gazes on her. She pretended to not see them and said,
“If you want it, I can pour some for you.”

Yvonne glanced at Ethan, chuckling, “Never mind, I wouldn’t dare compete with my older brother for
attention. Ethan, you’ll have to eat more today.”

“Yvonne, stop running your mouth,” Ethan warned her.

“I know,” Yvonne replied.

Madelyn sat down and then put the bowl before him. She said softly, “You can try and see if it’s gotten
cold. If it is, I’ll have the kitchen make another bowl.”

Ethan smiled, “Alright.”

Yvonne felt sick from them being lovey dovey. She then turned away to look at the person beside her,
“Mr. Jardin, let me help you get some food. You should eat more beet and kale salad; it helps with
beauty and skin rejuvenation. It would definitely hide the fact that you’re already thirty years old.”

“Pfft,” Alex, who was still eating, let out a snicker.

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