The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 223

When Forrest was mentioned, Madelyn cautiously glanced at Ethan and saw that his expression was
cold. It seems like he did not want to hear Forrest’s name being mentioned.

The mood was immediately silenced. Madelyn noticed that something was amiss. She had not
expected to be placed in the middle of such a difficult situation.

Madelyn got up and poured a glass of water for Ethan as she said, “The flower tea is quite delicious.
You should try it.”

“Alright,” Ethan replied. His lips curled into a light smile. However, his displeasure was not


Madelyn did not know whether he was used to drinking flower teas. The flower teas here are brewed
with the most common jasmine flower and might not be comparable to the teas he usually drinks.
Hayson also liked to drink tea daily, and the tea leaves he used would be of the best quality. Their price
range would be in the thousands to ten thousands.

Then, the phone in her pocket vibrated. Madelyn took out her phone and saw that it was Forrest’s reply.
It was just a few words: [I have some business, I won’t be going!]

Madelyn held onto her phone and stood up before saying, “I need to go make a call.”

Ethan’s tattooed hand rubbed the sides of the teacup as he replied, “Go ahead.”

He might have figured It out, but he did not say anything. Madelyn walked to a quiet corner of the
corridor and gave Forrest a call.

At the Azure Bar, deafening music was playing noisily. Forrest was hanging out in this smoke- filled
establishment. Sitting on both sides of Forrest were babes with curvy figures. Some of them were
singing while others were busy playing cards. A pack of cigarettes, a lighter that was weighing down
some banknotes, and a pile of change sat before Forrest’s table. He then

threw a card out.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Forrest and his friends gestured towards his pocket. The art school belle
understood and took his phone out of his pocket. The art school belle pressed the button. to receive the
call and placed it by Forrest’s ear. Forrest asked, “Who’s this?”

Madelyn could hear the deafening music from the sound system and knew where he was. She had
expected him to be absent. Afraid that he could not hear her speak clearly, Madelyn opted to hang up
the call and send him a message: [Are you busy? I owe you a meal, but I’ll make it up to you next time.]

With a cigarette in his mouth, Forrest glanced at the message that popped up, then flipped the phone
over and proceeded to continue playing cards.

Zach and Jadie were the last to arrive, and by then it was almost half past seven. Based on


Zach’s timing, it was considered earlier than usual. However, the supposed two-person group had an
extra person mixed in. It was… Yvonne Young!

She openly held hands with Zach when she walked in while Jadie followed them from behind like a
servant. The moment they entered, Madelyn noticed Jadie’s jealous and indignant expression. Jadie
seemed to be faced with an actual adversary, someone would always get between her and Zach.

Surprisingly, the meal was eaten quite harmoniously. They ordered some liquor. The alcohol proof was
not high, so they would not get drunk. Madelyn was unsure whether it was because the food was not to
Ethan’s tastes, but he kept putting food into Madelyn’s bowl while not eating much himself. Yvonne was
quite clingy toward Zach, as if they were an actual couple, and they completely left Jadie out of the

Madelyn could not bear to eat anymore and escaped from the scene by excusing herself to go the
toilet. She entered the washroom and then came out to wash her hands. She then lifted her head to
look at herself in the mirror. The scene of Zach and Yvonne together came to her mind, but she was
oddly calm.

‘Does this mean I’ve moved on from the past relationship between Zach and I?

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