The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 222

When Madelyn left, Danny received a nearly perfect test paper. He looked at the score and felt like he
had fallen into a frozen waste, trembling uncontrollably.

‘I was wrong! I should’ve done just like what Madelyn said. I shouldn’t have let my vanity lead me to
desperately try to get into Ventrocloud High School and borrow from loan sharks. My stubborn actions
caused my mother to die, and I’ve ruined everything now…”

Danny clutched the test paper tightly, crying and wailing in the detention room. No matter what Danny
did, he had to pay the price for his mistake. That was a fact.

As Madelyn left the police station, the setting sun cast a lingering glow at the end of an old alley. At this
moment, the snowflakes were beginning to fall from the sky.

From the corner of her eye, Madelyn noticed Forrest leaning against the wall. He wore a black school
uniform like hers, with one pant leg rolled up, revealing a section of his fair skin. He was carrying a bag
on one shoulder and gazing at the falling snowflakes. His handsome profile resembled a sculpted
artwork. A white snowflake landed on the tip of his nose, melting away quickly. His usual arrogance and
defiance seemed slightly more restrained,

‘He looks handsome when he doesn’t talk,’ she thought.

Madelyn took the initiative to ask, “Why are you here?”

Forrest straightened up and walked towards her. He tilted his head and asked, “Aren’t you going to
treat me to dinner?”

“So you’ve been waiting here all this time?”

“How is that any of your business?”

“That’s how he is. He turns aggressive after just a few words and never has a good attitude toward me,’
Madelyn thought.

She turned around and walked away without acknowledging him.

Forrest strode with his long legs, keeping a steady pace behind her. They walked silently for a while
until Forrest broke it, “Does what you said last time still count?”

Madelyn knew what he was referring to. “It’s exceeded the time limit, so it doesn’t count anymore.”

“How heartless of you!” said Forrest.

Madelyn was actually walking slowly, and he appeared to match his pace to hers intentionally.

“This is your last chance!” said Madelyn, and Forrest was at a loss for words.

She continued, “Forrest, this is your last chance. If you don’t come tomorrow, I won’t wait for


you anymore.”

Forrest touched the back of his neck, “Okay.”

‘She’s got me in the palm of her hand!’

The gathering took place at The Deli in the evening. The decoration here was elegant with a traditional
architectural style, creating a peaceful vibe. The wooden carved sliding doors lead to private rooms that
seated around a dozen people.

Madelyn arrived early and ordered a full table of dishes ranging from mild to spicy.

Beforehand, she had asked Alex and his friends about their preferences. Most of them enjoyed spicy
food, with only a few exceptions. Forrest had initially accompanied her to the entrance but had
somehow disappeared. She messaged him, but there was no reply.

Not everyone showed up as expected. The green-haired guy said, “Alex, there are so many dishes we
haven’t tried before. We have to eat our fill tonight.”

Alex rolled his eyes at him and scolded in a low voice, “Don’t act so inexperienced. Stop making a fool
of yourself.”

Ethan was seated next to Madelyn. He said, “No worries, this is my first time here too. I haven’t tried
their dishes, but they look appetizing.”

Madelyn had thought Ethan would look down on them due to their differing social statuses, but it
seemed she was wrong.

guy stood up

No one had started eating as some of them had not arrived yet. The red-haired and poured some
lemonade for his friends. “By the way, where’s Forry? Why hasn’t he come? He agreed to come and
spend some quality time together.”

Alex said, “Who knows where he’s messing around now? Just let him stay outside and deal with it
himself. We don’t need to bother about him.

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