The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 214

Such an incident could negatively impact the school’s reputation, so the authorities of Ventrocloud High
School quickly stepped in.

Leyton inadvertently learned about what happened at school and how it coincidentally had something
to do with Madelyn.

He knocked on the CEO’s door and immediately reported the matter to Ethan..

Ethan was busy with paperwork. After he heard Leyton’s report, his expression turned


“…She’s hurt? Why wasn’t I informed immediately? What’s the situation at the school right. now?”

Leyton replied, “The school authorities have stepped forward and are currently handling the incident.”

Ethan set down his thousand-dollar pen and closed the document in front of him.

“Postpone the upcoming meeting and get in touch with the school. I’ll handle the matter,” he said.

Leyton nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Even though the Arnold Corporation was the biggest investor at Ventrocloud High School, there was no
need for the CEO himself to personally intervene. Compared to their company matters, the issues at
school all seemed so insignificant.

‘Our CEO is overly concerned about an eighteen-year-old girl. He always loses his sense of reason
when it comes to matters related to Ms. Jent… But then again, perhaps only Ms. Jent can lead our
CEO out of the darkness and forget about his painful past,’ thought Leyton.

Meanwhile, Madelyn had a free period at Ventrocloud High School. She was called to the principal’s
office halfway through the period. Initially, Yvonne was supposed to join her, but the principal could not
ask for her, given the powerful status of the Young family.

Madelyn had an inkling about the reason she was called to the principal’s office, so she did not


Hailey walked ahead of Madelyn and adjusted her glasses with a serious expression.

“The incident has already reached the shareholders. Don’t worry; the school will help you. When you
get in there, there’s no need for you to speak. Someone will handle this for you.”

Madelyn hung her head low and silently trailed behind Hailey.

‘I’m clearly the victim, but why do I feel so uneasy?’ she wondered.

With a heavy heart, she followed Hailey into the meeting room.

Several aunts and uncles of Danny were present. When they saw Madelyn, they emotionally cursed
her, “You killer! You caused my sister’s death and drove my nephew to desperation.

Now he’s in jail…”

“How do you sleep at night? Do you know you’ve caused two people’s deaths?”

“Do you think you’re superior to us just because you’re rich?”

“Does being rich give you the right to kill others?”

Hailey moved sideways and shielded Madelyn behind her. She was experienced, so she was unfazed
by the situation. She said calmly, “Please calm down. Acting this way won’t solve anything.”

The group calmed down slightly.

Hailey continued, “We’ll investigate the incident before we discuss the matter with you.”

“I didn’t harm anyone!” Madelyn-who had been silent-suddenly said as she regained her courage and
emerged behind Hailey. She turned to the few with an unwavering gaze.

The room was silent for a few seconds.

Madelyn repeated her words.

“I’ll say it again. I didn’t harm anyone. I, too, am a victim.”

She removed the bandage on her hand, revealing a gnarly and unhealed wound. The wound. stretched
from her wrist all the way down to her thumb and had eight whole stitches.

She continued, “When I was on my way home that day, Danny held a knife to my neck… And my friend
who got hurt. He was also stabbed. If you all don’t believe me, I can have him. confront you”

Madelyn did not know how Zach and her father had resolved the matter. After all, these matters were
not something she could interfere with.

“I’m really sorry about what happened to Danny’s mother. I never imagined that me transferring classes
would cause you all harm like this. But… I’m just doing what I want to do. You can’t put the blame on
me because of what happened.”

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