The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 211

Madelyn dabbed some concealer onto the red, swollen area around her lips and avoided the wound.
She then put on some lipstick.

‘Otherwise, I’ll have a hard time explaining the situation again when we get back,’ she thought.

Madelyn waited for half an hour before she started feeling impatient.

Finally, Zach emerged from the supermarket exit with two big grocery bags in hand. He placed all of it
into the trunk.

Then, he went to the passenger seat. By the time they got home, Jadie was already back. She heard
their footsteps and excitedly went to the opened the door while in her slippers.

“I’ll take them, Zach.”

“There’s no need. They’re pretty heavy.”

“Alright, then.”

Madelyn was not in the mood to watch them play-act as loving brother and sister.

‘If there were others around, they’d instantly notice that I’m not needed around here,’ she thought.

Zach went to put the groceries into the fridge, and Jadie trailed behind him.

“Zach, is Rosario off today? What’re we having for dinner? Shall I cook?”

“I’ve ordered food, and it’ll be here soon. Go do your homework. I’ll let you know when it’s here.”

Madelyn got changed and came out with a backpack. Just as she was about to leave, Jadie stopped
her, “Madelyn… are you leaving? I think it’s about to rain, so bring an umbrella with you.”

“I did,” Madelyn replied.

Zach grabbed a carton of fresh milk and placed it in the fridge. He asked in a low voice, “Where are you

“Extracurricular classes. Don’t wait for me; I’ll be back at 10 o’clock.”

With that, Madelyn shut the door and left, leaving Zach and Jadie alone.

Once again, the atmosphere turned tense.

About two minutes after Madelyn left, the food Zach ordered from Gastronomie arrived.

The table was full of food, enough to feed three people.

Since Jadie was on a diet, she and Zach could not finish all of the food. At first, they wanted to save the
leftovers for the next day, but the fridge was already packed with snacks and fruits Zach had bought
from the supermarket.

They had no choice but to throw out the leftovers.

Tiger and Madelyn were practicing golf at the indoor golf course in Supreme World.

After half an hour of practice, Tiger handed Madelyn a bottle of water. Then, they sat in the

rest area.

The air conditioning was on, but Madelyn took off her jacket because she felt a little hot. She wore a
tight, black, semi-high-necked sweater under her jacket. The sweater outlined her perfect body shape,

making her look youthfully beautiful but also maturely alluring. In simpler words, she looked stunning.

“It’s rare for someone your age to have such a figure.”

Madelyn was momentarily taken aback before she finally realized what he meant, “What did you say?”

Tiger smiled slightly, “It’s nothing. Do you have something on your mind? You seem a little preoccupied
lately. Did you get into a fight with your boyfriend?”

Madelyn frowned.

“You think so too?”

Tiger pointed at his own lips-the spot where Madelyn had gotten hurt-and said, “It’s hard for one not to
think so when you have this.”

Madelyn felt comfortable speaking to Tiger. It felt like she was chatting with a trusted friend.

“So… am I wrong?” Tiger asked.

Madelyn lowered her gaze, “I’m not feeling well, so it’s swollen. It’s not what you think it is.”


Madelyn did not know why he apologized, but she still replied, “It’s alright.”

Madelyn’s class had been added in at the last minute. Tiger usually did not teach his classes this late at

However, Madelyn had done so merely because she did not want to face Zach. What happened today
left her frustrated and distracted.

At nine o’clock, Tiger drove Madelyn back to Grand Court.

Madelyn glanced at the time. She did not go home right away, choosing to sit outside the apartment
building instead.

She did not want to go inside.

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