The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 212

It was fifteen minutes to ten, before Madelyn had to go upstairs.

“Stand right there!”

She heard someone roar.

Then, she saw two persons walk into the neighborhood.

Forrest walked over with a cigarette in hand while a young, beautiful girl ran after him. She had long,
wavy hair and wore a knitted long dress.

The girl ran to face him and slapped him across the face, “You’re scum, Forrest!”

She continued, “How dare you break up with me over a single text?! What do you take me for? Do you
think I’m just a toy you can discard at your will?”

Forrest was unfazed. He chuckled and chucked away the cigarette he was holding. He stuck his hands
into his pockets and said, “It was just a fling. We broke up because I got tired of it.”

The white streetlights shone on Forrest’s hair. The breeze gently blew against his bangs, and they fell
over his eyes, which quickly swelled up and revealed a handprint from the slap.

“I’m not interested in women who desperately throw themselves at me. Maybe you should go. find
someone else?”

The mature-looking girl took out a bottle of water and dumped its contents onto Forrest’s


“Just you wait. My dad won’t let this go.”

The girl flung the empty bottle aside and stormed off, leaving a drenched Forrest behind. Forrest shook
the water out of his hair and pulled his hair back.

‘I don’t remember his girlfriend looking like this the last time I saw him,’ she thought.

Just then, Forrest looked over. His expression was as if he was asking her, “Are you enjoying

the show?”

Madelyn calmly met his gaze for a few seconds before she turned around and went into the escalator,
pressing a floor button with feigned nonchalance.

Madelyn keyed in the password 810214, at the door, and the screen indicated that the password was
correct. The string of numbers corresponded to Jadie’s birth year and month.

She had seen Zach key in the password today and remembered it.

Madelyn opened the door. The lights in the living room were still on, but the room was completely

“The lights must’ve been left on for me.’

Madelyn closed the door. When she saw the couch, she was reminded of her soft bed. The initial rush
of adrenaline she felt was instantly replaced with exhaustion.

She walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She thought of having a glass of milk but decided
against it when she remembered she was still on her period.


Suddenly, Madelyn’s phone in her pocket buzzed. She checked her phone, and it was from a

number in her contacts.

Ethan: [You moved?]

Madelyn saw the text messages he had sent from different dates. She took out a pre-washed
cucumber from the fridge and started eating it while typing a response.

[My house is being renovated.]

Meanwhile, there was still a light left on at Southern Haven Villas-the Arnold family’s residence.

Madelyn’s fingers hovered over the send button as she stared at the five words in the text box. In the
end, she did not send the text. She deleted her original response and sent a single word: [Yep.]

Her phone indicated that the message had been sent successfully.

Zach was in his pajamas, leaning on the bedframe. He had a book about suppressing emotions. and
treating psychological diseases open on his bed.

Ethan looked at Madelyn’s reply and revealed a small smile.

‘She’s finally stopped ignoring me,’ he thought.

George was holding a glass of water and some medicine, and stared at Ethan on the bed before

he knocked on the door.

“Come in,” said Ethan.

George said worriedly, “Sir, you should rest. Here are your meds.”

“Mhm.” Ethan set down the phone. He hoped she would respond by the time he picked up phone


He took the sleeping pills and downed them with water. George took the glass and asked, “Are you still
waiting for Ms. Jent’s message?”

“What do you think she’s doing right now?” Ethan asked him.

“At this hour, Ms. Jent should have just gotten back from her extracurricular classes. Ms. Jent

went for golf practice at Supreme World today. Mr. Irwin sent her home.” a

“Who’s he?” Ethan frowned slightly. He continued, “Never mind. Send me all of his

information tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You can leave now. I want to get some rest.”

“Of course, sir.”

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