The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 210

“You’re…my brother…”

Madelyn relented and gave in.

‘So what if I admit he’s my brother? Are we going to pretend he never hurt me? Zach… What’re you
trying to do?!’ she thought.

Zach chuckled.

‘She knows she’s asking for trouble by resisting me, so why does she never listen and keep acting
defiant like this? She’s always making me take drastic action.’

He said menacingly, “Don’t ever talk about those things again. I won’t deny they happened, but… I
don’t like hearing about them! Understood?”

Madelyn was silent.

Zach gripped her chin and forced her to lift her head, “Speak!”

Madelyn did not plan on giving in.

‘If we don’t get this over with, things will just remain the same in the future,’ she thought to herself.

“Zach… I’m only reminding you, but isn’t your true goal to ruin my life? Right now, all you’re doing is
behaving inappropriately toward an eighteen-year-old student.”

Suddenly, Madelyn chuckled. With an icy and hateful gaze, she continued, “Zach, you didn’t even let
me touch you in the past, yet you’re acting this way to me right now. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love
with me?”

Zach darkened his gaze.

In the end, Madelyn still did not go to school. Zach called the school and had her take a day off.

Around four o’clock in the afternoon, Zach dragged Madelyn into the car. They had run out of gauze at
home, so he drove her to the hospital.

Madelyn sat in the passenger seat. She had already changed into her normal clothes and sent her
blood-stained uniform for dry cleaning.

She looked out the window and said, “I don’t want to go to SereneCare.”

‘That woman-like man-Kai Stewart-is Zach’s accomplice, and I don’t trust him. If I go to his hospital, I’ll

Zach did not respond. However, he switched lanes at the upcoming traffic light and went in a different


After they arrived at the Community Hospital, Zach queued up for registration.

Madelyn got her wound cleaned up in the consulting room. The blood on her wound had already clotted
and stuck to the stitches. Madelyn frowned in pain when the doctor removed

her stitches.

“Don’t move. The blood on your wound’s already dried up. I’m going to wipe it with alcohol. It’ll hurt a
little, but please bear with it.”

The doctor grabbed an alcohol cotton pad with a pair of tweezers and said, “Hold your girlfriend, and
don’t let her move around.”

Madelyn explained indifferently, “He and I don’t share a relationship like that. He’s my


The doctor chuckled.

“You youngsters love to joke around. What kind of brother would bite his sister on the lips? Young man,
you’re also no better.”

Zach smiled innocently. Then, he smiled and said, “She’s still mad at me. Don’t mind her!”

It was as if the doctor would only believe him if he gave such an explanation. Madelyn could not
understand why they did not believe her and insisted on their own assumptions instead.

By the time they left the hospital, it was already dark out.

On their drive back, Zach’s phone rang. It was a call from Jadie. He answered the phone, ” What’s the

“Zach, I think we don’t have any more strawberries in the fridge. Could you please buy some? I feel like
having strawberries.”

“Okay! Sure. Anything else you


“Nope. Thank you, Zach. My teacher’s coming, bye.”


The phone call was on speaker mode, so Madelyn heard their conversation.

‘He does treat her differently,’ she thought.

Zach made a detour to the supermarket, but Madelyn did not go with him. He called her by her name,
but she refused to follow or listen.

She remained in the car and adjusted the vanity mirror. She took out the concealer Yvonne had given
her, which coincidentally came in handy at a time like this.

Madelyn could not find the product online, but it was from a really expensive brand. ‘It’s probably
custom-made and not sold to the public. This concealer I’m holding right now is

probably at least four figures.’

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