The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 208

Suddenly, Madelyn’s wrist was grabbed firmly. She lost her balance and almost fell.

Zach violently dragged her into the study and closed the door, locking it from the outside.

Rosario hurriedly rushed over and said, “Mr. Jardin, what are you doing?”

Madelyn pounded on the door, “What are you doing?! Let me out. Zach, you jerk. Who do think you are
to lock me up?!”


Zach removed the key after he locked the door. His face was stone-cold as he told Rosario, Don’t bring
her any food without my permission.”

He turned back towards Madelyn and said, “You can come out once you’ve realized your mistake! Let’s
see if I have to power to control you or not, like you said!”

Jadie was awakened by the noise outside. She leaned toward the door and listened. She thought, ‘Is
Zach arguing with Madelyn?’

Jadie came out of her room at seven-thirty in the morning and sat down to have her breakfast. The
atmosphere in the living room was tense. Jadie, who was eating the pancakes, lifted her head, “Zach,
are you not going to work today?”

Zach was still in his home clothes reading the newspaper. He emitted a chilling aura.

He responded, “I’m working from home today. I’ll ask Kevin to take you to school later.”



When Jadie left, she glanced at the study door.

She pondered, ‘Zach is usually gentle and polite. He rarely loses his temper. What happened. between
him and Madelyn?”

Rosario went to clear the silverware on the table. She wanted to say something, but Zach spoke before
her, “I’ll be at home today. Rosario, you can have the day off.”

Rosario lamented, ‘It seems like Mr. Jardin is determined to lock Madelyn up the entire day. Madelyn
hasn’t experienced much hardship growing up. She can’t bear this!’

She said, “Madelyn’s just a kid. She’s still immature…”

Zach interrupted, “Kid? She’s eighteen! She should be able to make judgments like an adult.” He put
down the newspaper and got up, walking back to his bedroom with his hand in his pocket.

Rosario worriedly glanced at the study. She thought, ‘Sigh, she shouldn’t have gotten angry with Mr.


Madelyn was locked in the study until three in the afternoon.

When Zach finally opened the door, the room was dark. The lights were off, and the curtains. were
drawn. Zach switched on the lights. To his surprise, the study room was still neat and


He then looked at Madelyn, who was huddled on the sofa. The bandage on her hand was soaked in
blood, which was dripping onto the ground.

Madelyn did not move at all.

Zach walked forward and looked down at her with his piercing gaze and asked, “Are you calm now?”

Madelyn came back to her senses. She then stood up and tried to walk away. She felt like she was
suffocating when she looked at him.

Zach grabbed her wrist. Madelyn immediately shook off his hand, “Get lost. Don’t touch me!”

Her eyes were red, as if she had been crying. She looked pale and sick from exhaustion.

Madelyn walked out of the study. She then quickly grabbed a few books from her bedroom and stuffed
them inside her bag. After that, she went to the living room and put the rest of her books into her bag
before trying to leave.

Zach stood in front of her and blocked her way.

He thought, ‘I shouldn’t have spoiled her too much. Now, she’s forgotten who’s in charge.’

He said, “I’ll give you two options now. One, you can go back to your room and calm down before we
talk again. Two, I’ll take you to school right now, and from now on you must be home by nine o’clock.
You need to inform me if you plan to come back after nine.”

Madelyn yelled, “Just focus on taking care of your Jadie! I have nothing to talk about with someone
who hires thugs.”

She then walked past him and opened the door. Suddenly, Zach forcefully slammed it shut again. The
sound frightened a neighbor who was leaving home.

Zach grabbed her shoulders, pushing her against the wall. He looked terrifying. Madelyn could see the
rage in his


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