The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 207

Madelyn drank some iced water, “I’m not eating breakfast today. I’m in a hurry.”

Rosario said, “Why won’t you listen? I woke up at four-thirty to make breakfast for you. Be a good girl…
You’re still growing. You can’t skip breakfast.”

Madelyn replied, “Don’t trouble yourself in the future. I can just eat anything.”

Rosario, “What are you saying?! I’ve watched you grow up. I know you very well.”

Madelyn walked to Rosario and hugged her from behind. She rested her chin on her shoulder,

I know. You treat me the best…”

The door was opened. Madelyn thought it was probably Zach who came back from his morning jog.

She quickly let go of Rosario.

Rosario brought the pancakes to the dining table, “Sit down and eat.”


Although Madelyn did not want to face Zach, she did not want to waste Rosario’s efforts either.

After Madelyn sat down at the dining table, Rosario brought over a few sets of cutlery and plates. She
then took some pancakes from the main plate and put them onto two smaller plates.

After Zach showered and changed, he walked out of his room.

Rosario asked him, “Should I wake Jadie up to eat?”

Zach pulled out a chair and sat at the head of the table, “It’s fine. Let her sleep a little longer.”

Not long after Zach sat down, Madelyn got up and said, “I’m full. I’ll go to school now.”

Rosario, “Why’d you eat so little? You still have some pancakes left. There’s still time, finish it before
you go.”

Madelyn, “It’s all right. I need to catch the bus.”

Zach commanded, “Sit down and finish it!”

He continued, “I asked your class teacher. You didn’t attend the evening self-study session yesterday.
Where did you go?”

Madelyn coldly replied, “None of your business.”

She thought, ‘Even Hayson doesn’t care about me, so who is Zach to try and control me? If he’s smart
enough, he should know that I’m avoiding him. Everything he’s done to me has

been to harm me, and now he’s pretending to care about me…

‘Who the hell does he think he is?”

Zach said clearly, “If it was because of your Olympiad Mathematics class, you’d be done at eight-thirty
at the latest. You’d need half an hour to come back from school, so you’d be back. by nine.” He did not
lift his head as he continued, “If you don’t explain yourself clearly, you’re not going to school.”

Madelyn snapped, “You don’t get to decide whether I can go to school.”

Rosario chided her, “Madelyn, Zach is your brother. You can’t speak like that to your brother.”

“Brother?” Madelyn sneered. “What kind of a brother is he?”

She lamented to herself, ‘Even Forrest is so much better than him. At least he saved my life. What
about Zach? He used underhanded methods to harm me, drugged me and even let a few hooligans
rape me.

‘What an… “amazing” brother he is!’

Rosario wondered what happened between them. ‘In the past, Madelyn was very close to Mr. Jardin.
But now, she avoids him like an enemy.”

Madelyn was filled with anger when she thought about all that. She was on her period, so she got mad
very easily. She looked annoyed as she said, “Let’s make things clear right here and now.”

Zach’s eyes darkened as he coldly stared at her.

Madelyn continued, “Stop pretending to care about me. It won’t change all the unforgivable things
you’ve done. I won’t bow down to your every word anymore, like I did before! You’ve disgusted me from
the beginning. The longer I stay here, the more we’ll just disgust each other. The more hypocritically
you act, the more disgusted I’ll be. It’s true that I’m afraid of you, but that doesn’t mean I can pretend
that the things that you did to me never happened. I can’t just calmly sit at the same table and eat with

“I’ll move out of here before school ends, so please stop bothering me and trying to control me!”Zach
thought vehemently, ‘I’ll give her a taste of her own medicine!’

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