The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 205

Madelyn asked, “Why? Did he offend you too?”

Yvonne responded, “He offended my whole family. You don’t need to know the reason. Just remember
what I said.”

Madelyn mumbled, “We’ll see.”

Yvonne then changed the topic, “By the way, I almost forgot. How’d you meet my brother? He usually
never talks to me, but he went out of his way to do so….to talk about you.”

Madelyn remained quiet.

Yvonne nudged Madelyn and asked, “He even asked me to bring you out to have a meal with. him
when we’re free. Come on, tell me, is there something going on between you and him?”

Madelyn was nervous, “You misunderstood. We’re just friends. There’s nothing going on between us,
you’re overthinking it! My family doesn’t allow me to be in a relationship at this age. They want me to
focus on my studies.”

Yvonne smiled as she put her hand on Madelyn’s shoulder, “Oh, come on! Do you know how popular
my brother is in Ventropolis? So many women want to sleep with him. Everyone close to me wants to
get close to my brother through me. You’re the first person who wants to distance yourself from him!

“By the way, you’re not that young actually. I remember my mother got engaged to her ex- husband,
who was my brother’s biological father, when she was sixteen. So my brother and I are half-siblings.
They then got married at eighteen, but with no formal marriage certificate at that time, just verbal
agreement between the families. Things are different now… When my mom was your age, she was

already married. You’re not too young. You should be in a relationship! And you’re so beautiful, I’m sure
there are many guys pursuing you!

“Tell me,

do you have

anyone you like? Or… What type of guys are you into? I won’t tell anyone, I swear!” Yvonne said,
crossing her fingers.

Once she brought up this topic, Madelyn realized that Yvonne was trying to find out Madelyn’s inner
thoughts. Madelyn pondered, ‘Did Ethan ask her to go to the hall? Why’d he do something so

Despite Yvonne’s polite tone, Madelyn could see the contempt in Yvonne’s eyes, but she knew Yvonne
was trying to hide it to get closer to Zach. On the other hand, Madelyn herself was trying to associate
herself with the Arnold family.

Madelyn calmly said, “I don’t have romantic feelings for anyone right now. I just want to focus on my

Yvonne saw the seriousness in Madelyn’s gaze and believed her.

After the physical education session ended, Yvonne left on her own. Madelyn thought, ‘Ethan definitely
asked Yvonne to stay with me and monitor me. And now, Yvonne is using me to mediate her
relationship with Ethan.’

Madelyn went to the cafeteria alone. On the way, she ran into Forrest who was walking with two of his
friends while dribbling a basketball. Madelyn mustered up her courage and walked

toward him.

Timothy was surprised when he saw Madelyn approach them, “What’s wrong with you? Get out of the
way, bitch.”

Adrian lowered his head and chuckled.

Forrest spun the basketball on his finger and grinned maliciously. He mocked, “What’s the matter, gone

Madelyn ignored his unfriendly tone. She looked serious and said to Forrest, “I’ll accept your tutoring

Adrian and Timothy were left speechless.

Forrest was distracted, and accidentally let the ball roll into the bushes nearby.

Madelyn continued, “Outside school hours, I’m only free during the evening self-study

sessions. I’ll wait for you in the library at seven-thirty at night, and I’ll only wait for half an

hour. If you don’t show up… I’ll take it as a rejection, and I’ll just leave.”

After saying that, Madelyn turned and walked toward the cafeteria.

“Damn… What’s happening?!”“Did you confess to her?”

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