The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 203

Zach, “I’m fine.”

“Don’t drink so much next time. You know your stomach isn’t in the best condition.”

Rosario finished cooking the hangover soup and quickly brought it over.

“Jadie, quickly feed it to Mr. Jardin.”

Madelyn just ignored what was happening outside of her room. She put on her headphones and
listened to the Etlinish words while memorizing them.

It was nine-thirty at night before Jadie finally returned to her room, exhausted. She then looked at
Madelyn’s phone that was charging on the bedside table. It had been ringing for a while.

She said to Madelyn, “Madelyn, your phone’s ringing.”

Madelyn did not react.


Jadie then walked over and looked at the incoming caller number on the screen. It consisted of
repeated digits eight. Her eyes became gloomier. She then unplugged the phone from the charger and
handed it to Madelyn.

Madelyn took off her headphones. Jadie said, “Your phone.”

“Thank you.” Madelyn stared at the incoming call. Shortly after, the call disconnected automatically, and
Madelyn locked her phone without any hesitation.

Jadie asked, “Are you not going to call back?”

Madelyn calmly responded, “They probably dialed the wrong number.”

Jadie thoughtfully nodded and remained silent. She then went to the bathroom to change her clothes.

As Madelyn heard the door closing, she looked at her phone again and saw dozens of unread


She suppressed her emotions and immediately switched off her phone.

It was almost eleven at night, so she went to bed.

Jadie was still worried about Zach, so she went to his room to continue taking care of him.

After some time, Madelyn was woken up by the sound of someone talking. She was a light sleeper who
would wake up from even minor disturbances, so she groggily got up before trying to go back to sleep.
She only managed to fall asleep after Jadie came back into the room.

The next morning, the alarm rang at six o’clock.

Madelyn woke up and got out of bed carefully before freshening up and tying her hair into a ponytail
with a hair band before quietly grabbing her backpack and leaving the room. She did not want to
disturb Jadie, who was still sleeping.

Class One had a morning self-study session at seven o’clock. After finishing her morning routine, she
would arrive at school just in time by bus. The apartment was not far away from the school.

Rosario was still preparing breakfast. When she saw Madelyn walk out, she was surprised, ” Why did
you wake up so early? Doesn’t your class start at nine?”

“I transferred to Class One. We have a morning self-study session at seven.”

Madelyn was wearing her shoes at the door.

Rosario told her, “At least have breakfast before you go!”

“It’s fine. I’ll miss the bus if I leave late.”

Rosario quickly took out a lunch box from the fridge, “Take this with you. Why’d you switch to another
class? It makes no difference, and now you can’t even have your breakfast. You’re in such a rush. Why
don’t you wait for Jadie and let Mr. Jardin take you to school?”

“I woke up early. I don’t want to disturb her.”

Madelyn took the lunch box and put it in her backpack before leaving in a hurry.

After a while, Rosario remembered the driver was not available and quickly went out, but

Madelyn was already gone.

There was a bus stop right in front of the apartment building entrance, which was very convenient.
Luckily, Madelyn managed to catch the earliest bus. At this early hour, she was the only one on it.

Just as bus doors were about to close, they opened again. Madelyn saw someone with a backpack on
one shoulder. He had a strong rebellious aura and was wearing a black headband and white
earphones. After he paid his fare and turned around, Madelyn finally got a clear look

at his face…

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