The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 195

Madelyn took her medicine and finished the half cup of water left over from last night. It was already
cold, but she could only bite the bullet and drink it. She said, “I’m already staying as far from you as
possible. If that’s not enough, I can apply to stay on campus for the next half of the year. If you’ve seen
enough, please leave and close the door behind you. I want to rest.”

Her voice was weak. She felt like she almost died just by climbing onto the bed. It seemed Zach had
yet to tell Hayson about the condition of her body, otherwise Hayson would have already gotten
someone to drag her downstairs. Zach had surprisingly acted humanely. Madelyn did not know what
filthy intentions he had deep down. She had not rested well last night, only managing to sleep for a few
hours. With her head on her pillow, she buried herself under her blankets groggily.

‘Since he wants to look, why not just let him keep looking?’ She thought.

Zach saw two jackets hanging on a wooden clothes stand from the corner of his eye. When placed with
her other clothes, they looked out of place. He furrowed his brows in displeasure.

Madelyn did not know when Zach had left. She also did not hear what he had said clearly. Just as Zach
went downstairs, Margaret walked out from the kitchen, “Mr. Jardin, has the missus taken her medicine
yet? That medication is quite effective for period pains. My daughter-in- law takes those when she is on
her period. Sigh, you wouldn’t know the pain and suffering when a woman has their period. I just
bought it this morning, and there are definitely no side effects!”

Zach was at a loss for words. Margaret watched the cold, distant man who left without saying a word.
She rolled her eyes behind his back as disgust filled her face, “My god, he doesn’t even acknowledge
my existence. What kind of person acts like that!?” Her head faced upstairs, and she shook her head,
“This won’t do…”

The more she looked at him, the more she felt he was not a good person.

‘He’s born with such good looks too. What a waste.’ Margaret thought.

Zach pressed the buttons for the car keys to unlock the car. He opened the car door and sat in the front
passenger seat. He stared into space, lost in thought as he tapped his finger

rhythmically on the steering wheel.

‘Madelyn Jent.’ He thought.

The scene of her curled up, hugging her abdomen with her frail and pained expression came to his
mind. At the same time, the phone he placed at the side rang. Zach picked up the phone with one hand
and asked, “Who is this?”

A light chuckle came from the phone, “Have you grown senile? You keep asking every time.”

“Something happened?” Zach asked.

Kai said, “The CT report you sent me, I’ve seen it. I have good news and bad news. Which one do you
want to hear first?”

Zach said, “You think I have a lot of free time?”

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re a busy man. Alright, I’ll stop messing around. Honestly, Zach, you were the one
who wanted to put the drug in her. Don’t tell me you’re having doubts just because we’ve encountered
some unexpected problems! Maybe Madelyn might be innocent…” Kai said.

“But even if she is, all that’s lost is just worthless Madelyn Jent, after all…” he continued.

Zach’s deep voice was slightly chilling, “Tell me the results.”

Kai answered, “Sure, I’ll tell you! The good news is that Madelyn doesn’t need to have her uterus
removed. The bad news is that even if she doesn’t get it removed, it’s impossible for her to get

“She can only recover slowly using medication, but her malformation of the uterus is irreversible. It’s
too late to start regretting it now… I told you early on that there’s no going back after doing such things.
Don’t tell me that you truly have feelings for Madelyn!?” Kai exclaimed. 1

Kai did not get his answer as the phone call had already been cut off. He then thought to himself, ‘Mr.
Jardin…, who knew there would come a day that you of all people would regret your actions!’

Ever since Madelyn had returned from the hospital, she had not eaten much. She had almost
recovered, so she went back to school. Due to her taking sick leave yesterday, Madelyn had to make
up for the lost progress in her studies. Although her relationship with Yvonne was superficial, Yvonne
did not refuse Madelyn when the latter asked for her notes. Madelyn spent her morning as usual by
being busy with her studies.

During the test in the last period of class, Madelyn and Yvonne walked past Class One. Jadie saw her,
so she called for her, “Madelyn…”

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