The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 200

Madelyn woke up the next day from a nightmare. Her pajamas were soaked with sweat, and she felt
extremely hot.

Margaret brought a bowl of carrot ginger soup up, panting heavily. She was old, and it was not easy for
her to climb five flights of stairs. She saw Madelyn, who had just woken up, sitting on the bed in a daze.

Madelyn did not even notice Margaret had walked into the room. She only came back to her senses
when she heard Margaret’s voice.

“Ms. Jent, you’ve slept for a whole day. Drink this!”

Madelyn’s eyes were watery when she looked at Margaret, “Yesterday when the police came, what did
they tell Dad?”

Margaret responded, “I didn’t understand much! But they said they’d definitely deal with that matter
properly. And Mr. Jent won’t let off the person who held a knife against you.”

Madelyn looked away. Her eyes trembled slightly as she looked at her bandaged hand. She knew what
would happen to Danny.

She thought, ‘Hayson will surely make Danny pay a thousandfold, and Danny will suffer even when
he’s in prison.’

Despite knowing that, there was nothing that she could do to change that.

Madelyn took the soup and drank it. She could not apply too much force with her hand as it would
loosen the stitches. So, it was a little bit challenging to drink the soup.

When Margaret was walking out, Madelyn noticed that there were fewer pieces of furniture in the room.
The paintings on the walls were all gone too.

“Margaret, where are all my drawings?”

Only then Margaret remembered to tell her, “There’s been many accidents ever since you moved in.
Mr. Jent said this room brought bad luck, so he plans to renovate this room in a few days.”

Madelyn’s hands trembled, “Where will I stay while this room is being renovated?”

Margaret, “You might need to stay at Mr. Jardin’s house for a few days.”


Margaret had not expected Madelyn’s reaction to be so dramatic. After only drinking a few sips of the
soul, she dropped the bowl, and it shattered into pieces on the floor.

Madelyn thought Hayson had just been Joking when he said that.

During lunchtime, Margaret had already packed the luggage for Madelyn.

Madelyn was sitting at the dining table. There were many delicious dishes, but she could only drink the
carrot ginger soup. She lowered her head and drank a few sips of it before saying, Dad… Do I really
have to stay at Zach’s house? I can stay in Jadie’s room, or Margaret’s room. We’ll make do with it for
a few days.”

Hayson raised his eyes. His face darkened as he said, “Jasmine and I won’t be home during this time.
No one can control you if you stay home alone. If you stay at Zach’s place, at least there’ll be someone
to look after you and I’ll be less worried.”

“I… can manage on my own.”

“Can you? You act very recklessly when no one’s controlling you. I haven’t even dealt with you for
switching your class without my permission! You’d better behave yourself and not cause any trouble for
Zach. The decision has already been made. Kevin will come and pick you up later.”

There was no room for negotiation.

Jasmine tried to be the peacemaker, “Okay, okay. No need to be so fierce. Madelyn just doesn’t want to
leave home. She didn’t want any of these things to happen. Madelyn… By the time we come back, the
room renovation will almost be done, and then your father and I will bring you back home.”

Madelyn nodded in disappointment and remained silent.

Kevin came to pick her up at one-thirty in the afternoon.

Margaret had packed all of Madelyn’s things into several large luggage bags, leaving

Madelyn’s room completely empty.

Madelyn did not bring most of her things, just some skincare products she regularly used and some
clothes. To her surprise, she needed five large luggage bags to carry them.

Bringing over all of that in just one trip was going to be a challenging task for her

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