The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 190

The intense reaction caused Madelyn to vomit everything she had eaten that night. Her lower abdomen
throbbed even more painfully, and she clutched the bedsheets while the needle came out of her vein.
Margaret was shocked and quickly called for a nurse. Seeing the situation, the nurse had no choice but
to switch to the other hand to administer the intravenous drip for Madelyn.

Margaret asked worriedly, “Miss, she’ll be fine, right? She’s in so much pain. Is there any other way to
help her?”

The nurse adjusted the speed of the intravenous drip and said helplessly, “A strong reaction like this
during a period is something we encounter in the hospital every day. We have done all we can. The
only thing we can suggest is to drink more ginger tea or massage her lower abdomen. It might help
alleviate the symptoms.”

After the nurse left, Margaret said melancholy, “Should I buy some ginger tea?”

Madelyn wanted to reach for water, and Margaret quickly handed it to her. Madelyn rinsed her mouth
with water and then collapsed onto the bed, feeling utterly exhausted and weak. “Don’t bother. You
should get some rest in the next room for a while. It’s almost dawn, and you’ll still have a busy day.
Don’t tire yourself out.”

“Oh my. How can I sleep with you like this? Let me massage your lower stomach.” Margaret reached
her hand into the quilt, and her slightly rough hand gently massaged Madelyn’s lower stomach through
her clothes. “Does it feel any better?”

Madelyn closed her eyes and nodded, “It’s better.”

“You should rest now. When you wake up, you won’t feel the pain anymore.”

“Okay.” Margaret massaged her abdomen as comfortably as Rosario did. So, Madelyn fell asleep soon.

The ordeal continued until five in the morning, and the sun was almost up. Looking at the sleeping girl,
Margaret withdrew her hand, flexed her tingling fingers, and stood up. However, the person on the bed
frowned in pain as soon as she stopped. There was no room for breaks.


‘If this continues, I’ll end up with a broken hand, but this child has already gone through so much pain. ‘

Just then, Margaret saw someone appear at the door. She felt like she had seen a savior. The man
walked in with a thermos flask. He placed it by the bedside table with something inside, though she had
no idea what it was.

“Mr. Jardin, why are you here?” Margaret’s eyes quickly sized him up.


“This guy doesn’t seem like a nice person at all. I can totally see through his shady character.’

Zach’s sharp gaze fell on Madelyn, who was sleeping restlessly on the bed. “What did the doctor say?”

Margaret walked over and whispered, “Oh, let’s not talk about it. Ms. Jent has suffered a lot! She’s in so
much pain that she fainted, and the painkillers aren’t working. She took a few extra pills, but she’s
suffering from the side effects and there’s nothing we can do. I just massaged her lower abdomen, and
it took a lot of effort to get her asleep.”

The man’s gaze dimmed even further. He looked at the intravenous drip on the rack, noticing three
bottles still needing administration. It would take at least another hour or two to finish. “Go and get
some rest. I’ll watch over her.”

Margaret was delighted and almost clapped her hands. “Alright, Mr. Jardin. You have to watch over her
carefully. The intravenous drip is about to run out.”

“Okay,” said Zach.

Margaret left in a hurry. However, she could not help but take another look at the man before she left.
‘Something is off about the way he looks at Ms. Jent!’

Madelyn slept fitfully until midnight. She was in a half-awake, half-asleep state, experiencing occasional
sharp pains. However, as time went on, the pain gradually disappeared. She felt like she was lying on
soft, giant cotton. It was warm and snug, making her sleep soundly until she heard the phone ring. The
ringing lasted for two seconds before being cut off.

Madelyn regained consciousness and felt someone was massaging her lower abdomen. The previous
pain had disappeared. She smelled the scent of hospital disinfectant and slowly opened her eyes. She
saw the person who sat beside her. When their eyes met, her heart skipped a beat.

“Are you

awake?” The man withdrew his hand from under the blanket and flexed his wrist.

‘She’s really dramatic. Whenever I stopped, she became extremely restless, so I had to massage her
all night.’

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