The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 199

“Okay. I’ll go now.”

Margaret muttered to herself when she walked out, “What happened? She hasn’t looked well since last
night, and she’s so sick now. Oh my, I hope she didn’t get herself into danger again.”

When she raised her head, she was frightened by someone who appeared out of nowhere, “Mr. Jardin,
you came to see Ms. Jent? She’s very sick. I’m going to get some hot-water bottles for her now.”

“What happened last night at the police station?” His tone was cold.

Margaret nodded. She noticed his fierce attitude, so she did not dare to hide anything from him. She
told him everything that happened last night.

She said, “At eleven last night, Ms. Jent called. She asked me to pick her up without saying what
happened. When I arrived, I saw that her hand was injured. When she got home, she was scolded by
Mr. Jent and went upstairs to sleep. This morning, I was worried, so I came to see her, and she looked
like this. I guessed she was probably frightened out of her mind.”

Zach, “Why didn’t you call me?”

Margaret said with a troubled expression, “Ms. Jent told me not to. She said she wasn’t very close to
you, so she didn’t want to trouble you.”

Zach thought, ‘She didn’t want to trouble me? She’s already bothered me so much with all this trouble
she’s caused. Is she trying to distance herself from me?

She can’t just try to cut ties with me whenever she wants.’

Zach went into the room to look at Madelyn. He saw the injury on her hand and stared at the long scar
on her upper arm. Her wound had healed, but it was still red, and it left an ugly scar.

“Are you feeling sorry for her?” Jasmine’s voice could be heard from outside the door.

She was wearing a red floral dress. She twisted her slender waist as she walked toward Madelyn. She
then sat by the bed. She was holding a small box containing medical cream.

Jasmine opened the lid and applied some of the cream to the scar on Madelyn’s arm. She said, ” She’s
very precious to the Jent family, so her body can’t have any scars. Whether the Jent family will be able
to consolidate their position in Ventropolis in the future will depend on her. Hayson has been making
plans for her for a long time!”

Zach, “What are you trying to say?”

Jasmine smiled slightly, “Shouldn’t you know that better than me?

“Hayson has already known about her relationship with the heir of the Arnold family for a long time.
When she fought with someone at school to defend Jadie and cost the company

over ten million dollars in business dealings, the CEO of the Arnold Corporation immediately sent over
a billion dollars in compensation. Isn’t his purpose clear? Hayson wants them to get married too, and in
the future, Madelyn might become a part of the Arnold family. Zach… Your plan won’t work anymore!”

Zach thought, ‘With the Arnold family’s interference, things will be even more difficult.’

Madelyn, who was on the bed, groaned uncomfortably, and the two of them immediately went silent.

Her wound was growing new skin tissue and it felt itchy. Madelyn withdrew her hand.

She was lost in her thought, ‘Hm….What plan were they talking about? Once again, I heard something
I shouldn’t have. What are they going to do? What should I do now?’

Margaret looked around. She fearfully turned her head and walked back down and up the stairs again,
pretending as if she had just come up.

She then went into the room with the hot-water bottles.

“Ms. Manning, the hot-water bottles are ready.”

“Hand them to me.”

Jasmine then took them over to Madelyn and put them under the blanket one by one.

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