The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 198

Alex then told Madelyn the truth: it was Forrest who had saved her from the sea and not Zach.

Madelyn knew how much Forrest hated her. He was always the first person who targeted her whenever
she was bullied in school. If it was not for his actions, Madelyn would not have transferred to another

She thought, ‘If that’s true, the strange things that Forrest said to me back then make sense. now. No

After Alex left, only Madelyn and Danny were left.

A female police officer came out of the detention room and called her in.

Danny was in handcuffs sitting opposite her. The female police officer sternly said, “Why did you hurt

“It’s all because of her… It’s all her fault!” Danny was extremely furious suddenly. He looked like he
wanted to kill Madelyn.

The female police officer said, “Stop shouting! Sit down.”

Madelyn pretended to be calm as she looked at him. A hint of killing intent flashed upon her


“I know we haven’t talked to each other much, but if it was just about getting into the Olympiad
Mathematics class, you could’ve just told me. I didn’t have to join the class. You had such a bright
future, but look at what you’ve done. You’ve ruined yourself!”

“Shut up! You know nothing! It’s all because of you… I wouldn’t have been kicked out if you hadn’t
suddenly transferred to Class Six. My mother would’ve been saved if I managed to get the scholarship
this time! But because of you, I didn’t get the scholarship, and I was refused admission to Ventropolis
University. My mom received a call telling her the news… She had at heart attack and died! I didn’t
even get to see her one last time!”

Madelyn was stunned.

“Madelyn! You murderer! It was all because of you! Why did you transfer classes?! Why did you take
everything away from me?! My life is ruined now and it’s all because of you! Just like that person said,
you’re a disaster!”

Madelyn felt all the strength leave her body suddenly.

When Margaret came to pick Madelyn up, Madelyn felt like her soul had been severed from her body.
She did not know how she managed to leave the police station.

When she got home, Hayson scolded her, but she was so out of it that she barely heard anything he
said. She then stumbled back into her room. She did not bother to switch on the

lights, so it was dark.

Madelyn was disoriented and laid down in her bed without taking off her clothes. The cold wind blew in
as the balcony window was still open.

Throughout the night, all Madelyn could think about were the words that Danny had said to


She was lost in thought, ‘Was it really all my fault? I haven’t done anything wrong. I just did what I
believed was right. I never intended to take anything away from anyone. I merely wanted to achieve my
goals through my own efforts.’

Madelyn suddenly felt heartbroken.

She was injured, and there was no way Hayson would just ignore it. She could not hide this incident
from him too.

Today was the weekend, and the police had come knocking at their door. Madelyn could not have
hidden it from Hayson even if she wanted to.

With the way Hayson handled things, even if Danny’s grades were good, with no family background or
social standing, he would probably spend the rest of his life in jail. He would probably also be tortured
by someone while in prison.

Jasmine came to visit Madelyn but found her seemingly asleep on the bed. She stretched her hand to
feel Madelyn’s forehead. She was as cold as ice.

“Did you leave the window open last night?” Jadie asked Margaret.

“When I came in this morning, the room’s door was left open. I tried to wake Miss Jent up for a long
time, but she didn’t respond. I thought she might be sick, but I didn’t expect her to be unconscious.”
Margaret took out a thermometer from her pocket and placed it into Madelyn’s mouth. “Her body
temperature is so low. Ms. Manning, should we call a doctor for Ms. Jent?”

Jasmine replied, “Wait for a little longer. Go get some hot-water bottles for her to keep her hands and
feet warm. Cover her with one more blanket and set the air conditioning to eighty- two Fahrenheit.
Don’t let the room get too hot.”

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