The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 196

Jadie had called her to give her a box of pills, saying Rosario had told her to pass them to Madelyn.
Since it was not Rosario herself who was giving them to her, Madelyn did not dare eat them. Jadie was
one of Zach’s people, so who knew what kind of medication it really was?

After Madelyn thanked her, she left with Yvonne to go to the canteen. Before Serena could talk. to her,
she had already left. Serena could not help but exclaim, “Madelyn’s truly getting more amazing. It’d be
great if my results could be half as good as hers. My dad scolds me everyday, saying that me being her
daughter makes him feel shameful whenever he goes out in public.”

Jadie lowered her gaze. No one knew what she was thinking about. She pulled the corner of her lips
into a smirk and said, “Really? As long as you’re willing to work hard, you can be just like Madelyn. You
might even join Class Six.”

As usual, Madelyn still went to listen to Mr. Newton’s class. She could not deny that Mr. Newton’s
teaching method was effective. He targeted everyone’s weaknesses and prepared a set of specialized
study plans for them. However, from what Madelyn understood, the questions that Albert gave her were
much more challenging than the ones he gave to the other students. It even went beyond her current
scope of knowledge. Madelyn had only been able to calculate half of the questions from the exercise
book he had given her last time. She had only been able to solve the rest by searching through other
extracurricular books.

When they reached the learning building, Madelyn asked, “Why hasn’t Danny been coming to school
recently? Did something happen to him at home?”

Yvonne answered unconcerned, “I’m not sure. It might be due to family matters. However, if I were to
guess, he might be caring for his mother.”

“His mother is sick?” Madelyn asked.

Yvonne thought for a while before saying, “I’m not sure. Why do you care so much about him now?”

Madelyn chuckled and went along with it, “I was just asking.” They did not think much about it as both
of them entered the teaching and learning building.

Night came, and it was half past nine. The lights in the living room were still on. Rosario had. just made
supper and brought it into Jadie’s room. Rosario saw that Jadie was still studying, so she did not
disturb her. She quietly left and closed the door. At that moment, the front door opened quietly.

When she saw the person who had returned, she greeted him, “Mr. Jardin, you’ve gone socializing
again? Do you need me to whip up something to deal with your hangover?”

Zach’s whole body oozed with the stench of alcohol. He tiredly pinched the middle of his brows and
replied, “No need.” His gaze went to the other door, with light seeping through the

crack. He raised his wrists to check on the time and saw that it was almost ten. “Jadie isn’t asleep yet?”

Rosario said, “Jadie is still studying. I just made her supper and brought it to her.

“By the way, Mr. Jardin, Madelyn… how are her studies in school? I wonder if she’s reached home
yet?” Rosario asked.

Zach threw the suit and keys in his hand at the foyer, “I’ll take a look.”

Zach knocked a few times before opening the room door. Jadie turned around to take a look and
quickly broke into a smile, “Zach, you’ve returned!”

Zach walked over and dragged a chair to sit beside her, “You’ve been sleeping quite late recently. Is
there a lot to study for?”

Jadie shook her head, “No… I just want a better result at the end of the semester. Who knows, I might
even get the class scholarship. That way, I can buy you a present before your birthday.”

Zach replied, “I don’t need any birthday presents, and you don’t need to pressure yourself too much.
Rest early.”

“Sigh, there isn’t actually much pressure when being in Class One. Most of my time is spent having fun
with classmates. We’ve been neglecting our studies a lot and are incomparable to Madelyn. She joined
the Mathematics Olympiad classes and might even get recommended to Venturia University. I’m her
elder sister, so I have to set a good example regardless. I can’t lag behind her too far.”

Jadie took out a Mathematics exercise book and asked, “By the way, it just so happens that I have
some questions I don’t understand. Could you teach me, Zach?”

“Sure,” Zach readjusted his posture and helped her analyze the questions together.

A melodious voice from within the room rang under the soft glow of the moonlight. A man wrote a line
of beautiful numbers on a piece of white paper with his long and slender fingers, while the young lady
beside him was focused and nodded her head in agreement every once in a while.

The scene was harmonious and breathtaking.

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