The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 192

‘Zach should have known this would happen once he chose to take off the mask and lay all his cards
down on the table. He should have known that we were destined to end up in this predicament. He
should just keep doing his thing while I live my life, neither of us interfering with each other. By the time
he gains complete control of the Jent family, I might not even be in Ventropolis anymore.’ Madelyn

“What’s the point of throwing a tantrum at me?” Zach asked as he watched the bowl roll around the
floor. It was very sturdy and did not break. “I won’t say it a second time; lie back down!”

Madelyn’s frail body stood by the door. She did not budge as the cold wind from the outside blew
through her loose clothing. The emptiness made her cold, and her stomach started to throb with pain.
At the same time, the awkward mood was broken by a nurse’s voice asking, Why are you out of bed?
Are you not in pain anymore?”

She continued to ask, “I heard both of you fighting from the corridor. From what I see, as a brother, why
can’t you just let your sister have her way? A lady’s mood is naturally irritable during her period, after
all. Quick, clean up the floor and wait for a while for the doctor to come to do a reexamination. If
nothing is wrong, you can be discharged,” the nurse said.

Madelyn replied calmly, “Thank you, doctor. I know.”

The nurse urged her, “Lie down quickly. You don’t want to fall ill again.”

Madelyn took a mop from outside and wiped the floor clean. She would never hope for Zach to help her
do this. In actual fact, she was not in much pain, the first day had been the hardest to deal with.

After the doctor gave her an examination, they called for Zach. In the office, the doctor pointed at
Madelyn’s CT scan and said solemnly, “Since you’re the patient’s family, I’ll be honest with you. When
we did a checkup yesterday, we discovered a uterine malformation. Restoring her uterus to its original
state through an operation is unlikely, as it might become infected or even cancerous. Since we’ve
discovered it at an early stage, we’ll be able to remove her uterus through surgery, but at a later stage,
the cancer cells might metastasize and spread. If that occurs, a vasectomy won’t be enough to treat the
patient’s condition.”

She continued, “For her health, we as medical professionals would suggest doing the surgery as soon
as possible. Also, please be aware that as a result of this surgery, she might no longer be able to bear
a child in the future.” the doctor added.

Zach’s face was emotionless as he replied, “I understand.”

“You can discuss this with the patient and decide when she will undergo the surgery,” the doctor

Zach did give any response to the doctor and got up to walk out. Dread filled his face. When he
stepped into the ward, the sound of a young lady laughing came from within, “Rosario, your carrot
ginger soup is the best in the world.”

“I was only away a few days. What happened to you, child? Your physique looks skinnier than before I
left,” Rosario said.

“How can that be? You must’ve been mistaken; I’ve always been this way. It’s fashionable to be
skinnier nowadays, it makes me look more beautiful,” Madelyn argued.

Rosario scolded her, “You’re such an odd child! Madelyn, you’re beautiful in my eyes regardless of
whatever you look like. You’re not allowed to be picky with food from now on.”

Madelyn leaned on Rosario’s shoulder while eating the soup Rosario fed her. Madelyn said, I’m not
picky with food. The food Margaret makes is just as delicious as yours. I always eat two bowls of it
every day.”

“It’s better for you to eat more. You always make me worried when I’m not around,” Rosario

Of course Rosario knew all about Madelyn’s situation at home. The Jent family had hired Margaret with
her recommendations. They were both from the same hometown and had a similar straightforward
attitude, and Margaret would tell Rosario about everything that happened in the Jent family home.
Madelyn was already naturally a light eater, but since Rosario had left the Jent family, Madelyn had
been eating even less than normal. Sometimes, she would even skip dinner.

However, Rosario had watched her grow up, after all. How could she not worry whenever she fell sick
or got hurt? Throughout her lifetime, Rosario had never had any children. She had treated Madelyn as
if she were her child from the very beginning.

“Why don’t I get Mr. Jardin to come back and take care of you?” Rosario asked.

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