The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 189

Serena agreed, “That’s right! You guys are just jealous.”

“Jealous of Madelyn? That’s ridiculous!” Timothy sneered.

Even the usually quiet Adrian said unexpectedly, “Just because you can’t do it, stop putting others
down. Madelyn has changed. At least she’s not as annoying as before.”

“What do you think, Forry?”

Forrest tossed the apple in his hand. He was still dressed in a black short-sleeved shirt, revealing the
green tattoos on his arms gave him a mysterious and wild appearance. “Stop mentioning her in front of
me. It’s disgusting!”

No one dared to speak any more, and a strange vibe gradually spread among them.

Madelyn walked out of the school gate, and Jordan happened to arrive as well. The traffic on the road
was relatively smooth, but Madelyn was still a few minutes late when she arrived at the practice room.

After two hours of piano lessons, the following two hours were the most difficult for Madelyn. She had
not practiced for the past few days. When she warmed up and stretched her legs, she felt her previous
efforts had all gone.

Halfway through the dance routine, Madelyn suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. She
sensed a warm flow gradually seeping between her legs. A familiar feeling returned, accompanied by a
faint smell of blood.

Madelyn rushed to the restroom and took off her pants. Seeing the bloodstains, she reluctantly put
them back on. She went to the changing room, grabbed a clean outfit and a sanitary pad, then
hastened back to the restroom.

After cleaning up, Madelyn sat on the toilet seat absentmindedly. Girls generally experience their first
period between the ages of thirteen and fifteen. Madelyn was well aware of that. In her previous life,
she had her first period shortly after starting college.

At the time, Madelyn had thought something was wrong with her body and had undergone a
comprehensive medical examination in the hospital. However, the results had revealed that everything
was normal. The doctor had reassured her that everyone’s body develops differently, and later onset of
menstruation was also considered normal.

So, Madelyn had been taking medicine to regulate her health without thinking much of it. However, she
had developed uterine abnormalities that eventually led to cancer later on. The cancer had spread to
her stomach, and she had been diagnosed with advanced-stage gastric cancer before passing away
not long afterward.

Now Madelyn knew that it had all been a lie. The medical reports and the medicine had all been

fake. Taking it would only worsen her health in the long run, and what Zach wanted was to kill her. Her
late period was due to the abnormal reaction caused by uterine malformation.

Every time Madelyn had her period, she needed painkillers to ease the pain. The most severe incident
had happened at home when the pain caused her to faint. If it was not for Rosario discovering her that
day, she might have died from the illness without anyone noticing.

Madelyn did not attend the rest of the classes. She sat in the car, curled up, and her face turned. pale
from the pain. The air conditioning had been set to its warmest temperature, but she still shivered.

Jordan could not bear to see her like this, so he found a nurse to get Madelyn onto a medical stretcher
and take her to the emergency room.

Madelyn broke out in a cold sweat from the pain. She lay on the bed with an intravenous drip attached
to the back of her hand. Jordan swiftly followed the nurse’s instructions and brought two hot-water
bottles. With the painkillers she had just taken, her pain was somewhat relieved compared to before.

The thing Madelyn dreaded most was her menstrual period. Taking painkillers had become routine for
her, but her body had developed resistance over time, rendering them less effective. She had to take
two or three times the usual dose, which resulted in negative side. effects.

Jordan made a call back home and reported Madelyn’s hospitalization. All he got was a cold and
dismissive response from Hayson.

Margaret hurried to the hospital late at night, bringing freshly brewed ginger tea. Madelyn disliked
anything with ginger. The taste was too strong, and she had to spit out even the few sips she managed
to take.

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