The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 188

The time passed quickly as everyone was busy studying. In the last academic session, other classes
had meetings or arranged their own activities like watching movies and playing games. However, Class
One still had two evening self-study sessions, lasting until 9:30 p.m.

The top-performing class rarely enjoyed any recreational activities. Most students focused on their
study plans, but there were also surprises, such as each of them receiving a Christmas fruit.

Madelyn could not attend the evening self-study sessions. The homework consisted of two test papers,
which she could only take home and complete later. After packing her things, she had to rush to her
piano and dance classes.

Class One was on the sixth floor. After Madelyn took the elevator, she happened to pass by Class Six.
They had just finished their activities. Jadie was tidying his belongings and

happened to catch sight of her.


Madelyn stopped, “Jadie.”

They were talking through a window. Jadie smiled, “Today is Christmas, and I was going to look for
you, but I found you here. Here’s a greeting card I made for you. Merry Christmas.”

Madelyn glanced at the classroom and noticed a massive Christmas tree adorned with ribbons,
balloons, and others, creating a festive Christmas atmosphere. Everyone had gifts in their hands,
presumably exchanged among themselves.

“And here’s mine.” Serena took a greeting card and a gift from her drawer, handing them to Madelyn.

Madelyn accepted them and felt embarrassed for not preparing anything. Thinking about it, she took
two beautifully wrapped Christmas fruits from her bag. They were packaged in boxes with two golden
bells hanging on top. The bells were pure gold, making them quite valuable.

“I don’t have much to give either, so consider this a gift from me.” Madelyn happened to have two gifts.
Except for the gift for Class One students, the other was from Yvonne and came with a beautiful
greeting card. So, she gave one gift each to Jadie and Serena.

It was the first time Serena had received a gift from Madelyn. “Wow, this is so beautiful! Thank you, I
really like it.”

Jadie glanced down and spotted the Olympiad Mathematics workbook in Madelyn’s backpack. Then,
she said, “Today is a holiday, and Zach will be home for dinner too. Let’s head back together later!”

Madelyn looked at her wristwatch and realized she was running late. “I’m not going back. I

still have other classes. I have to go now.”

“Is that so? Well, I’ll let Zach know later,” Jadie said with a hint of disappointment.

Madelyn nodded and left.

Serena looked at the Christmas fruit in her hand. “I remember Class One receives this Christmas fruit
every year. It must be quite expensive!”

Timothy overheard their conversation, “Wait. How could she, with a grade obtained through cheating,
have stayed in Class One for such a long time? I lost a few hundred dollars in the last bet because of

“Cheating? Did you see it? Or did you catch her in the act?” Adrian asked.

With a tsk sound, Timothy continued, “I’m just surprised. She used to be the second last, but she
managed to get into Class One somehow. If it weren’t for cheating, I wouldn’t believe it. Who knows
what tricks she used.”

Serena retorted, “That’s not true! You guys have no idea how hard Madelyn works. She used to be the
last one to leave the classroom and always do extra homework. I saw the Olympiad Mathematics
workbook in her bag just now. She must have gotten into the Olympiad Mathematics class. With
Madelyn’s grades, she might even become the top scorer in this year’s college entrance examination in

Timothy laughed, “If she becomes the top scorer in the college entrance examination this year, I’ll be a
monkey’s uncle.”

“Jadie, do you hear this idiot?”

Jadie smiled, but was not amused. “They’re just biased against Madelyn and don’t know her well, but
someone will recognize her efforts someday.”

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