The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 187

Albert had already packed up and left the classroom at the last minute. Madelyn quickly picked up her
books and said to Yvonne hurriedly, “You go ahead. I have something to take care of.”

Yvonne was about to say something but shrugged when she saw Madelyn leave in a rush.

Madelyn quickly caught up with Albert, saying, “Mr. Newton, hold on, please.”

Albert stopped, “M-Madelyn?”

“It’s me, Mr. Newton. I’d like to ask about the results of the last exam.”

Albert smiled and said, “You attended the classes, so why are you still worried about the results? It’s
quite obvious that you’ve earned your spot.”

Madelyn still insisted, “Can I look at my scores?”

“What’s there to look at? I don’t have your test paper with me right now, but you did very well.
Especially in the final major question, you used three different methods. The second method involved
university-level calculus knowledge. Honestly, I was quite surprised that were able to write out that
formula,” Albert’s eyes filled with contentment as he spoke.



“Albert!” Before Madelyn could finish her sentence, a teacher walking down from the other side called
for him. “We’ll talk about this later.”

The more Albert acted like this the more uncertain Madelyn felt. She worried that the only reason she
had gotten in was because Yvonne had used her connections to secure the her.

spot for

‘If that’s the case, isn’t it really unfair to Danny? This girl… it’s not like I really need to join.’

Madelyn returned to the classroom. She wanted to talk to Danny and clear things up. However,
Madelyn did not see him there, so she asked his desk mate, Alexander Stewart.

“He didn’t come this morning. He’s probably on leave,” said Alexander.

Yvonne took Madelyn to the restroom. Yvonne washed her hands at the sink and looked at herself in
the mirror. Then, she turned to Madelyn beside her. “What’s wrong? You’ve been looking unhappy all

“Tell me. Why didn’t Mr. Newton announce my scores? Did you say something to him to help me join
the team? That’s why I…” Madelyn looked at her, trying to discern something from her subtle

Yvonne shook the water off her hands. “I don’t know about that. However, I did personally recommend
you and submitted your previous exam results to Mr. Newton. After he reviewed them, he seemed
satisfied. I don’t know why he didn’t announce your and Danny’s scores

either. Girl, why are you thinking so much, anyway? The process is over, so you don’t have to dwell on
it. You’ve achieved your goal, and that’s that. Relax!”

Madelyn was sensitive. “Could Danny be angry because I took his spot? No wonder he’s been giving
me hostile looks for the past few days.”

Madelyn had learned about his family situation. His family was not well off, and his mother was sick. He
had gotten into Ventrocloud High School based on his academic abilities and by working really hard in
his studies. However, he had ranked sixth in the entrance exam for the Olympiad Mathematics team,
which was why Albert had made him compete with her for the spot. Madelyn felt uneasy as she saw
the result.

Back in the classroom, Madelyn noticed her phone light up in her drawer. She unlocked her phone and
saw dozens of messages from Ethan. Madelyn had not been checking her phone much these days, but
to her surprise, Ethan had been messaging her even more frequently. She did not dare to try and read
every message he sent

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