The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 186

The next day, Madelyn woke up after a dreamless night’s sleep. She locked her room before leaving,
preventing anyone from entering. After breakfast, she arrived at the classroom around eight o’clock.

As soon as Yvonne entered the classroom, she found Madelyn and asked, “Madelyn, why’d you and
Zach leave so early yesterday? When I got home, my mom was furious. I got a headache. from her
nagging, and she even set a curfew for me.”

Yvonne had a severe headache, likely from drinking too much last night and waking up early today.
She had not slept well, with dark circles under her eyes. She felt light-headed, as if not fully awake yet.

Madelyn said flatly, “I also drank too much yesterday. I don’t remember what happened, but my brother
specifically instructed them to take you home safely before leaving. Did anything happen on your way

Yvonne shook her dizzy head. “Nothing happened, but how could he just leave me alone at the
restaurant? He’s gone too far! He only cares about you and completely ignores me! What if something
really happened to me? What would I do? Damn! He doesn’t act gentlemanly at all.”

Madelyn also did not expect Zach to leave her alone. However, she tried to defend him, “My brother
has always been like this. He’s quite straightforward and all about work. Besides, it was also quite late
at the time. If he had personally taken you back, it might have led to rumors, and if the media catches
wind of it because you two were alone, it wouldn’t be good. for your reputation.”

Yvonne found Madelyn’s words sensible and nodded, “That’s true. If that’s what he was thinking of,
then it’s fine, I guess. I won’t forgive him when I see him next time, though.”

The class bell rang, and Yvonne quickly returned to her seat. The morning passed quickly, and the last
class had an additional 45 minutes for the exam. After they finished, they had only 15 minutes for lunch
and needed to head to the Applied Learning Center in the following hour.

Madelyn would also go along with them. The Olympiad Mathematics results from yesterday were going
to be released. She sat with Yvonne in the first row. Yvonne comforted her, “Relax, believe in yourself.
You definitely did well.”

Wearing a red windbreaker, Albert walked in from outside with a thermos in one hand and a textbook in
the other. “Oh, you’re all here pretty early.”

He walked to the podium and handed Madelyn a textbook directly. “Try to work on these problems
yourself when you get home. If you have any questions, come and ask me. I’ve already taught them
the earlier topics, so I won’t repeat it to you individually. Alright. Today, we’ll learn a new topic…”


Madelyn was still a little stunned. She looked at Yvonne beside her nat does this mean!

Yvonne told her, “Mr. Newton allowed you to join the Olympiad Mathematics team. See, I told you! With
me here, you’re definitely going to make it in. Congratulations! From now on, we can attend classes

‘With her here? What did that mean? Didn’t I get in based on my grades?’

Madelyn was absent-minded, showing little emotion on her face. She even had trouble feeling happy.
Her gaze drifted to the empty seat beside her, which used to be Danny’s seat. His absence meant he
was out. She felt a sense of guilt for some reason.

An hour went by. Albert spent the first 45 minutes on his lecture and the remaining 15 minutes
assigning new homework. Madelyn glanced at it and found that it was indeed quite challenging.

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