The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 181

In the past, Madelyn had often come here to harass Zach, so she was familiar with the place. Needless
to say, the receptionist was terrified when she saw Madelyn, who was notorious for being difficult.

“Are you here to see Mr. Jardin, Ms. Jent? He’s meeting a client right now, so you might have to wait
for a bit,” said the receptionist.

“Please get me a glass of water. Thank you.” Madelyn had already asked Yvonne to head to the thirty-
fourth floor. She did not want to be the third wheel, so she went to the lounge.


The receptionist dropped her jaw in shock.

‘Thank you? It’s terrifying to hear such words come out of her mouth. Is there something wrong with my
hearing?’ she thought.

Madelyn sat down on the couch. Then, she grabbed a beauty magazine and read it out of boredom.

Meanwhile, Kevin coincidentally had some business on the thirty-second floor. The receptionist
stopped him and said, “Mr. Harrison, this document needs to be given to Mr. Jardin.”

Kevin took the document bag. Then, he spotted Madelyn in the lounge from the corner of his


‘If Madelyn’s here, who’s the person who just went up just now?’ he wondered.

Kevin darkened his gaze.

“What’s she doing here?” he asked.

The receptionist glanced at Madelyn and whispered, “I don’t know. She’s been sitting there since she
arrived. Could something have happened, Mr. Harrison?”

“Mind your own business and focus on your work.”

“Alright,” the receptionist did not dare to pry after hearing Kevin’s response. She merely

stared at Kevin with a starstruck look as he walked into the elevator.

Madelyn did not know how much time had passed. She had already had several glasses of water and
finished all the test papers she brought. She packed up her pencil case and stared at the dark sky.

‘Zach should have gotten off work a while ago,’ she thought.

She looked at the time. It was half past seven, and she was struggling to stay awake. Madelyn

was not the only person dozing off; Yvonne-who was sitting in the chairman’s designated seat in Zach’s
office-was doing the same.

Madelyn waited for another twenty minutes, and it was nearly eight o’clock.

She did not plan on waiting any longer and packed her bag. Then, she stood up and said to the
receptionist, “If anyone asks about me, just tell them I’ve left.”

“Yes, Ms. Jent,” the receptionist nodded.

Zach had just finished his meeting and walked out of the chairman’s office on the thirty- fourth floor. He
glanced at his wristwatch, “Where is she?”

“In your office,” replied Kevin.

He opened the door and saw Yvonne sound asleep in his chair. He scanned the room with sharp eyes
and realized she was the only person there. Zach’s gaze hardened. He turned around, stuck a hand
into his pocket, and walked out.

“Wake her up and ask her to wait on the first floor.”

“Yes, sir,” said Kevin.

“From now on, nobody’s allowed to enter the office without my permission,” Zach said in a displeased

Kevin replied, “Yes, sir!”

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