The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 180

Madelyn called Jordan and asked him to send Jadie home first. Then, she and Yvonne went straight to
Zach’s company in Yvonne’s private car.

Compared to YTCorp run by the Young family, the Jent family was insignificant and humble. YT Tower
was located in the city center and worth several hundred million. In the future, its value would likely
increase over tenfold.

Whether Zach married into the Young family or vice versa, it would be a win-win situation for him

In the car, the driver rolled up the partition. Yvonne had already changed out of her school uniform and
was applying lip gloss in front of a mirror. She let down her hair and turned to Madelyn, “Do I look

Madelyn had an unreadable look in her eyes. She asked tentatively with an inexplicable feeling in her
chest, “Do you… Do you really like my brother?”

Yvonne nodded unabashedly.

“Of course I do. Why else would I go to such lengths to meet him?” she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Do you not mind that he’s eight years older than you? By the time you finish college, he’ll be close to
thirty. Meanwhile, you’ll still be in your prime. You might meet someone better than him in the next few
years. I think you should think about this a little more and not jump into things this quickly!”

Yvonne tutted disdainfully.

“Well, he’s pretty old, then. But it’s just eight years, so it’s fine. My parents are twelve years apart, and
they get along pretty well. My dad listens to everything my mom says. Anyway, I haven’t really thought
that far ahead. At least I like him now, but I might stop liking him in the future. Besides, I’ve never met a
man who doesn’t care about me at all.”

She grabbed Madelyn and continued, “Madelyn, did you know? He’s the first person who’s dared to tell
me off. He knows I’m from the Young family, but he doesn’t curry favor with me nor go along with my
wishes like others do. All my life, the people around me have been. shallow and insincere. All of them
are after my status or the Young family’s money, and I’m so tired of all that.”

Madelyn was speechless.

Yvonne asked again, “Does my dress look nice? Will I be cold?”

Madelyn looked thoughtfully at Yvonne.

‘Yvonne’s so innocent and energetic. She doesn’t know what Zach is really like, so how would

she know he hasn’t planned all of this? He may have even planned their encounter. Playing hard to get
isn’t something only women do well; it’s also something he’s really skilled at.’

She lamented, ‘All the women are head over heels for him. He tramples on their feelings after they give
him their all. He will never love a person, or perhaps he already loves somebody. One will eventually
fall to their demise if they fall in love with him…”

However, Madelyn figured this was Yvonne’s choice, and she had no right to interfere. Besides, Yvonne
would not listen to her and would just assume she was trying to sow discord.

She thought again, ‘Love is blind, after all. No room for rationality, you’ll blindly follow through even if
you know it’s wrong.”

Madelyn said, “He doesn’t like…”

“Hmm? What doesn’t he like?” Yvonne was still looking in the mirror and fixing her hair.

“Your makeup is too heavy. Zach won’t like it.”

‘We’re both using each other; since she wants to be with Zach, I’ll help her. I’m doing this for both her
sake and my own,’ she thought.

“Huh? What should I do, then?” Yvonne quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped off her lip gloss and eye

“Here. Let me help you.”

Madelyn wiped off the makeup on Yvonne’s face and put on some light and elegant-looking makeup on
her. Yvonne was already pretty and pleasing to look at naturally, so light makeup

suited her better.

“Will he really like this?”

Madelyn covered the eyebrow pencil and returned it to Yvonne.

“Zach’s slow to warm up and doesn’t know how to make a girl happy. He’s like a block of ice that needs
to be melted. Yvonne, if my brother does anything wrong, don’t get mad at him.”

“Don’t worry! I’ve never failed to get anything I want, including your brother.”

Madelyn hoped Yvonne would get what she wanted.

The office area of Azure Corporation consisted of the thirty-second and thirty-third floors of Skyrise
Tower. Zach had moved his office together with his lounge and meeting room to the thirty-fourth floor.
He had over a hundred employees.

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