The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 178

Madelyn rubbed her pen as she pondered. “The dinner between Yvonne and Zach…’

Yvonne then whispered for help again. “Madelyn, just accompany me, okay? Otherwise, I won’t know
what to say, and it’ll be super awkward! You’re his little sister, the atmosphere will be more relaxed with
you around. How about this? As long as you promise me this, you can leave the matter of entering the
Maths Olympiad team to me.”

The class bell rang.

“I’ll think about it. Zach is usually busy, and I don’t know whether he’ll have time or not.”

Yvonne then said happily, “Don’t you worry, as long I ask him, he won’t dare to refuse me. So, with that
settled, join us for dinner later. I’ll head back first then!”

Her eyes were full of affection and admiration towards Zach that she could not hide.

Madelyn looked at the test paper on her table and her mind went blank as she was lost in thought.
Suddenly, she felt something hit her back and pulled her back to reality. Madelyn turned around and
saw the book on the table behind her had fallen onto the ground. She bent down to pick it up and
handed it back to the student behind her.

“Who asked for your help? Busybody,” Danny snapped harshly.

Madelyn frowned but did not say anything.

After the fourth class of the morning, Yvonne dragged Madelyn over to the canteen to have lunch.

Madelyn was eating slowly. Back then, Rosario would pack meals for her, so she rarely ate at the
canteen. She ordered a few of her favorite dishes and ate them. Even when she forced herself to eat,
she could only eat a little.

Yvonne was seemingly entranced by Zach, as she sent him a flood of messages. “Why isn’t he
responding!? What’s he up to at this hour, Madelyn? It’s noon, so he should be having his lunch break
now, right?”

Madelyn was having her baked beans and took a mouthful before putting down her fork. She was still
not used to such food, and pulled out a napkin to wipe her mouth.

“I don’t know what he does at work, but based on what I know of him, he should still be in a meeting
right now. Eat up first, the food won’t taste as good once it gets cold.”

At the Azure Company office, Zach sat on the main seat as he listened to the summary reports from
various departments. His sleeves were rolled up as he twirled a pen in his fingers. His sharp eyes were
dark and cold, and his presence domineering.

When he heard the marketing manager’s report, his eyes squinted as he immediately called

out the latter.

“What I want to hear are the main points,” Zach said as he tossed the documents back. “If your next
report is still like this, you can clear off your desk.”

The marketing manager shuddered at his gaze. “Yes, yes sir. I’ll fix it up right away.”

“Continue.” Zach said.

After Zach took over the company, everyone in the company had to follow his pace. After every half-
hour-long meeting, all of the upper management needed to digest everything within a week and not
many could keep pace with him.

He was rather annoyed by the faulty air conditioning in the room and undid two of his shirt buttons. Just
as the project manager was halfway through, Zach’s phone on the table suddenly vibrated.

Zach picked up his phone, glanced at the calling number and quickly declined the call without. as much
as reaction. He then opened the message box and saw more than a dozen messages inside it. He only
gave it a glance before putting down the phone and turning it to silent mode.

After walking out of the canteen, Yvonne still had not gotten any response from Zach, and she kicked a
stone by the side in frustration. “What the hell is he doing? Why isn’t he responding? His meeting
should be over already. Madelyn, give me your phone!”

“He won’t answer,” Madelyn said impassively.

“We won’t know if we don’t try. Come on, I’ll call him with your phone!”

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