The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 166

Jadie bit her lip, feeling embarrassed. She turned to see Madelyn in the back seat. With a muffled
voice, she said, “Sorry, Madelyn. I looked at your schedule today, and I thought you had evening
classes, so I…”

Madelyn didn’t want to bother with this right now. She had no interest to see Jadie’s

expression either. Her cold had left her feeling a bit dizzy. With her eyes closed, she said, “It’s okay, my
fault.” She then added, “Jordan, let’s take Jadie to Zach’s apartment.”

“Okay, Miss Jent.”

Jordan dared to speak his mind because he had worked for the Jent family for a long time; he was a
reliable, diligent, and hardworking employee, and that was why Hayson kept using him.

Jadie looked upset. “Jordan, just take me to Zach’s office. I’ll wait for Zach there. We have something
to do.”

Jordan didn’t directly answer Jadie. Instead, he glanced at Madelyn through the rearview mirror and
asked, “Miss Jent, should we change the destination?”

Madelyn murmured “uh-huh”.

Jadie looked down, feeling embarrassed once again.

Back when Madelyn had been the one who had a crush on Zach, she used to go to his office after
school, waiting for him to finish work so they could go home together.

Since Madelyn didn’t have feelings for Zach anymore, she could see things more clearly. She
wondered, ‘Yvonne has power and a strong background. She could help Zach. But then there’s Jadie,
who went through struggles with him. Who will Zach pick?’

Madelyn had wanted to help Jadie and Zach get together, to repay what she owed Jadie from before.
But she believed she had repaid that debt when she had jumped into the water that one


Rush hour had turned the thirty-minute trip to Azure Corporation into an hour-long journey.

Inside the company lobby, Zach was confidently talking to a group of foreigners in suits. Kevin was right
behind him.

“Mr. Jardin, your proposal is impressive. We look forward to working together,” one of the foreigners

“Definitely,” Zach replied.

Zach saw them leave in a black Bentley and noticed another familiar car. Instinctively, he looked at the
tinted back window.

Before long, Jadie opened the passenger door and stepped out of the car unsteadily, looking a


bit sick. “Hi, Zach.”

Zach asked, “What’s wrong? Not feeling well?”

Jadie shook her head. “Just a little stomachache. It’ll get better. Are we going to be late for the party?”

Zach checked the time. “We still have time, don’t worry.”


Then, they heard a voice from the car said, “Jordan, since we’re on our way, make a quick stop

at the mall.”

“Sure thing, Miss Jent.”

And the car drove away.

Following Zach, Jadie took the CEO’s private elevator and reached his office. A woman in a black suit
and fitted skirt walked out of a nearby conference room’s lounge. “Mr. Jardin, everything is prepared. Is
this young lady by your side your companion for tonight?”

Jadie looked puzzled. “Zach, what’s going on?”

Zach said to the woman in the black suit, “You have thirty minutes.”

“No problem, I guarantee your satisfaction.”

Before Jadie could understand what was happening, she was guided into a room. People surrounded
her, helping with her hair and makeup.

In front of the vanity mirror hung a stunning, elegant white evening gown, catching her eye instantly. It
was the kind of dress any girl would dream of.

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