The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 165

Now that Forrest wasn’t targeting Madelyn anymore made them felt odd.

Forrest lost interest in playing basketball and left the court, grabbing a water bottle on his


Finishing a math test in just thirty minutes was really tough, especially because the questions were
harder than what they usually studied. Madelyn found them a bit tricky, but she took her time to solve

The final class bell rang, and Hailey packed her books. “I’ve got good news. It’s Yvonne’s birthday
today. I’m sure you all got invitations to her party, right? So, no evening classes. Have fun at the party!”

Yvonne, who was very active in the class, shouted, “Thanks, Miss Hann! You’re the best!”

Cancelling evening classes was a rare thing for Class One.

“You’re welcome,” Hailey replied and left the classroom.

Then Yvonne looked at Madelyn, who was still working on math problems. She went over to Madelyn.
“Hey, Madelyn, stop studying. Let’s go together!”

Madelyn finished the last question and closed her book. “I’m done. Let’s go.”

“Wow, you did well on these problems! I checked, and you got almost everything right. It’s a shame
you’re not in our Olympiad Maths team. Who knows, we might both get scholarships to Ventropolis
University,” said Yvonne.

Madelyn paused. “Could I really do that?”

“Of course! Why not? The National Olympiad Maths ranks students from all high schools in our country,
not just our school. If you can make it to top ten, that’s a really big deal!”

“Okay! What do I need to do to join?”

A classmate with glasses sitting behind Madelyn looked surprised when he heard them talking. He
wanted to say something to Yvonne, but he was too slow. The two girls were already leaving.

After hearing Yvonne, Madelyn understood that she joining the Olympiad Mathematics team now might
mean someone else losing their spot and missing out on a scholarship opportunity.

Seeing Madelyn hesitating, Yvonne reassured her, “Don’t worry, we won’t just kick someone out. If it
comes to that… I’ll ask the tutor to give a test, and the one who does better gets to stay! Is that fair?”

Madelyn didn’t want to take someone else’s place. But if she could earn the spot based on her own
skills, she was willing to give it a shot.

They said goodbye at the school entrance.

Madelyn got into the car, and Jordan said, “Miss Jent, please wait a little longer. Mr. Jardin wants me to
give Ms. White a ride.”

“Okay.” So, she waited.

Sitting in the car, Madelyn watched Jadie and Serena wave goodbye with smiles. Then Jadie hopped
into the front passenger seat.

“Jordan, let’s go! Madelyn might be coming home late.” Jadie acted like she knew Jordan well. She
buckled up, not realizing Madelyn was behind her.

Jordan felt Jadie was self-conceited. He said, “Miss White, Miss Jent is already here. I’m here for Miss
Jent. You’re just riding along with us. Know your place.” He pondered, ‘If it weren’t for Mr. Jardin, she
wouldn’t even be in this car.’

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