The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 157

“Leyton, did you manage to see that truck?” Mr. Arnold asked.

Leyton looked down, saying, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t get a good look at it.”

Ethan’s tone turned icy in a flash. “I want the one responsible caught in three days.”

Leyton nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Jadie came over and held Madelyn’s hand, showing concern. “Madelyn, are you okay? Zach and I
were planning a birthday party for you at home. If it weren’t for Rosario, neither of us would have
known. I missed your last birthday, but not this one. I even got you a gift. But you weren’t around.
Maybe we can celebrate the next one together.”

Madelyn’s expression turned distant, and she pulled her hand away. “You don’t need to go through all
this trouble. You and Zach should head back. We’ll manage things here on our own.

She sensed Zach’s unwavering gaze on her, but she avoided meeting his eyes completely.

Zach chimed in, his voice firm. “Let’s not involve Mr. Arnold in our family issues. Remember what your
dad said? You’re supposed to let me know whenever you run into trouble while you’re out.”

He continued, his tone instructive, “Alright, girls, get in the car. I’ll have a quick word with Mr. Arnold
before driving you home.” He seemed to be holding back his frustration. He had warned Madelyn
before he would teach her a lesson if she secretly met Ethan.

Ethan pulled Madelyn to behind him. “Don’t worry, Mr. Jardin, I’ll make sure Madelyn gets home safely.”

Zach smiled, ignoring Ethan’s words. His gaze remained fixed on Madelyn. “Madelyn, be at good girl,
okay? Get in the car.”

Madelyn stepped out from behind Ethan and said, “Ethan… I think I’ll go home with Zach.” She thought
to herself, ‘I have no choice now. I won’t be able to escape Zach’s control for now as long as I’m in the
Jent family.’

A hint of sadness flashed in Ethan’s eyes. He reached out, gently patting her head, and spoke with a
fond tone, “Give me a call once you’re back home.”

Madelyn quickly nodded, her response a quiet “Sure,” before she turned and headed to Zach’s Audi.
Being tactful, she took the rear seat, so Jadie could take the passenger seat.

“Zach, I’ll wait for you in the car…” said Jadie.

Seated in the Audi, Madelyn stared out the window, unable to catch the words exchanged

between Zach and Ethan.

Jadie turned her head, addressing Madelyn curiously. “Madelyn, that guy just now, he treated. you
differently. Are you two dating?”

“This is something personal…” Madelyn shut her eyes. She dreaded what might transpire once they
reached home. She lacked the strength to challenge Zach for now.

Jadie’s smile remained, and she nervously tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m sorry! I was just
concerned about you.”

Madelyn didn’t respond. She heard the driver’s door open and shut.

Jadie said something to Zach in a hushed voice, but Madelyn didn’t really listen.

When they finally got to the Jent residence, Zach’s voice turned serious, “Get out of the car!”

Madelyn opened her eyes. She hadn’t spoken a single word during the ride. She hadn’t even paid
attention to what Zach was talking about on the way home.

Inside the mansion, the living room was all lit up. Margaret sat up, looking a bit sleepy. A table in front
of her was covered with all kinds of food, including a cake sitting in the middle, not as perfect-looking
as before.

Margaret jolted awake upon hearing the noise. She hastily wiped a trace of drool from her chin. “Miss
Jent, why are you returning so late? I’ve been preparing this elaborate feast. Allow me to warm it up for

Madelyn’s expression remained impassive. “No need, I already ate. I’m going upstairs to rest.”

“Wait a second!” Zach tossed the car keys onto the table as he strode in, exuding an intimidating aura.

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