The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 151

Madelyn walked ahead, with George close behind. He spoke earnestly, “Miss Jent, being a Jent means
standing strong. Otherwise, people might try to take advantage of you.”

George was perceptive. Madelyn agreed with a smile, “You’re right.”

“We just wanna make sure you’re safe,” he added.

George’s words struck her. She wondered, ‘What did he mean? Do they know everything?’

Jadie saw Madelyn get into a fancy Cayenne-a car not everyone in Ventropolis could afford- through
the rearview mirror. She asked, “Madelyn ain’t comin’ back with us?”

“She has got some stuff to take care of. I’ll drop you off at home first,” Kevin said, buckling his seatbelt.

“Thank you, Kevin.”

“You’re welcome.” Kevin’s mind wandered, ‘If Madelyn had Jadie’s maturity and didn’t cause so many
problems, Mr. Jardin wouldn’t need to worry as much.”

The Cayenne had been driving for almost twenty minutes. It was getting close to six-thirty, and the sky
had grown dark. Streetlights were casting a soft glow on the road. Madelyn peered out at the peaceful
streets and felt a bit peculiar.

She asked, “George, where are we heading?”

“You’ll see soon. We’re almost there.’

Before long, the car came to a stop. The chauffeur circled around to the back and opened the rear door
for Madelyn.

“Please walk straight ahead from here, and you’ll find it,” George said.

They had arrived at Amberley Street, a vibrant spot in Ventropolis known for its array of tasty treats.
The street bustled with activity, able to accommodate a large crowd.

Madelyn felt a mix of uncertainty and curiosity. After stepping out of the car, she watched it drive away.
Feeling a bit lost, she followed George’s guidance, each step feeling like a piece of a puzzle falling into

After Madelyn walking about eighteen steps, an adorable girl around six years old appeared. She was
all dolled up like a real princess, with two braids that framed her face.

The little girl clutched a single rose in one hand while her other hand held onto her mother’s. With an
infectious enthusiasm, they approached Madelyn and said, “Miss Jent, happy birthday!”

This surprised Madelyn. A feeling that she couldn’t quite find the right words for flowed over

her. Whether it was from her past life or from right now, it was like nothing she had ever felt before.
Blushing just a bit, she stammered out, “Thank… Thank you…”

The girl then pointed forward as she said, “Go that way! Just be careful not to get lost.” Her voice
bubbled with joy.

Madelyn smiled as she watched the girl. “Okay,” she agreed, and off she strolled, following the direction
the girl had pointed her in.

Every time she took about eighteen steps, another pair of mother and child would come her way and
offer her a rose.

But truth be told, Madelyn’s mind wasn’t too focused on those roses or what lay ahead. Instead, she
found herself lost in thought, wondering, ‘If my child from my past life had made it through, would they
be as adorable as these children? Would they call me “Mommy” with those same sparkling eyes?’

But life has its twists. Having her very own child was something she could only dream about.

So, with each step she took, her thoughts weighed a little heavier. And as she kept on, she ended up
with a total of eighteen roses.

The further Madelyn walked, the quieter the surroundings became. The crowd began to thin out, and it
was almost like she was in her own little world.

And then, just as if it was part of a grand story, the melodious sound of a piano started to drift through
the air.

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